💬 Development Update: Progress on Age II: DE Hotfix 2 & New Year Event Extension

Following the January Update and last week’s Hotfix, our development team has been working on a number of fixes that we’re looking to get into your hands as soon as possible. We are paying special attention to the crashes and CPU/GPU performance issues that some users are reporting.

To account for those of you who’ve been affected, we’ve extended the January New Year Celebration through February 15th . We hope this will give those of you the time you need to earn all the rewards once you’re able to jump back into the game.

In the meantime, please keep an eye on our Known Issues list for ongoing updates about our priorities, and be sure to contact our support team at aoe.ms/support if you are personally affected by connection or stability issues.

Thank you for your patience!


I hope it will be fixed soon.

In the meantime, another streamer is furious because game crashed and just quit streaming game. Here is the video, maybe it can help you guys:


These files are not working when placed in local mod folder:

  • \widgetui\futuravailableunits.json

  • \widgetui\civTechTrees.json

  • \resources\en\strings\history\[civilization]-utf8.txt (s)

  • \resources\_common\drs\sounds\[civilization]_jingle.wem (s)

  • \resources\_common\drs\interface\50500.bina

also please add modding support to these hard-coded things:



We’ve identified the bug causing Event progress to be reset and we’ll be rolling out a fix this evening. There is no game update required and you’ll be able to complete any of the challenges you missed, just a couple of notes to keep in mind:

  • Challenges you previously unlocked will still appear locked, but you will maintain any rewards you earned previously. You do not need to complete these challenges again.
  • You can complete challenges in ANY order to unlock their rewards. Complete any of them, or none of them if you’ve already acquired everything!
  • You can complete as many challenges you’d like in any given day. Complete them all tonight, if you would like!
  • The New Year Event ends February 15th.

You should see the current Event go away and shortly thereafter appear again with these changes, and you may need to re-launch the game in order to see the updated Event. If you continue to complete challenges and fail to see rewards—or if your progress resets for any reason—please let us know so we can continue digging into the issue.

Thank you for your patience; enjoy the rest of the Event!

I would really love this to be the standard going on for future events. Sometimes, people don’t have time to complete them all on several days so being able to unlock them all at once would be better.

Also a return of former events would be nice. I’m still a bit annoyed that I can’t unlock former event mods.

i’ve applied the latest hotfix update and the game still crashes…i feel very disappointing.

I agree on this, modding should definitely see more love. even in one of the update/hotfix it mentioned civTechTrees.json was suppose to be supported but it isn’t. hopefully we see most of these support in next patch.