File can not be modded

I am trying to mod the file
but it appears the file is not overwritten when I place it in this folder in my mod.

Is there a certain limitation to which files can be modded?

There are all kinds of files that don’t work in a mod. Some of the json files as well. All the fonts. The texture atlases.

It’s possible you have to do something with the directory or file extension. In my sound mod the directory doesn’t even exist in the game files. I think maybe when the game loads it creates new directories in memory and moves some stuff around.

@ExXHaloMasterX is there a way to find out if this is happening and what folder needs to be used?

It would be a shame to hit a dead-end at this point, it’s been quite the adventure :smile:

I have no idea. I’m just theorizing as to why it won’t work.

The only thing I can do is create random folders and put copies of the file in different places with different extensions. I already tried putting it in the palette folder.

My best guess would be it needs to be in an additional folder named whatever the thing it’s inside when the game starts is called, in the default location. Just like the sound mod I have is in local\modname\resources\ _common\sound\stream, it would look something like: local\modname\resources\ _common\drs\interface\unknownfolder. But there’s probably another reason why it won’t work anyway. I’m sure a dev will know.

Hmmm, to be randomly creating folder names doesn’t sound too effective an approach to me.

Can we actually contact the devs, or do we hope they read this post and just answer? :wave: :innocent:

If you replace the actual file, does that work?

It does, I tested it already.

I’m not sure. Someone already reported this bug for us so if we’re lucky they will fix it.

For now I’m just adding the 50500 file to my mod anyway, anyone who wants to replace the actual file can do it themselves.

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Other files that don’t work:

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