Some UI and TechTree modding queries

  • What controls this yellow boxes for UUs in civ pick menus?
    how do I add more buttons for some civ/remove extra button for some civ?

- how to remove the purple colored unit boxes from tech tree menu? i tried removing them but the game crashes. neither am i able to move this turtle ship button to any civ other than korean.
image image

- how to remove the cross mark from hun houses, goth and cuman stone walls and gate from tech tree menu? i removed the tech disabling them in-game but the cross mark still doesn’t change.
image image image

- how to add new buildings to the tech tree menu? i am able to add new units to the tech tree menu but buildings don’t appear.

are these things hard-coded/(not moddable)?


Did you find what controls them? I can’t find how to change the color of those yellow borders around main menu buttons and civ icons.

Nope. Still looking for a solution :confused:

the techtree is now a lot more moddable after the introduction of civtechtrees json but the only problem is game doesn’t recognise it and futureavailableunits json when placed in mod folder. :man_facepalming:

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Hey Juggernaut, I subscribed to your Indian civs support mod and you somehow managed to add Huskarls in the Goth tech tree at Barracks (i mean the indian civ which replaced the Goths). How did you do it? I am creating a mod to remove the Imperial camel from the Indian tech tree.

in “Genie Editor” go to “Techs” tab, search “521”, change the value of “Min Req Techs” to “3”.

The physical tech tree UI. I know how to “disable” it.

You need to modify the tech tree json within the game directory itself. Placing the file in mod directory is not working as of now.

Devs need to fix this:

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