Difficultly is way too hard

I’m a new player and I cannot beat any campaigns on the “Easy” difficulty. I am constantly bombarded every 3 mins with at least 5 units from the enemy and any ground I make destroying the buildings of theirs is just rebuilt the next time I make an attack. There has to be something wrong. What can I do to make my experience better?


Hi @Kadabr0, Which game are you playing and is there a specific campaign that you need help? Someone on the forums here may be able to provide you some tips.

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Which campaign are you referring to?
Which game is it? Age of Empires Definitive Edition or Age of Empires II (2013)?

I’m playing AOE:DE from Steam. It’s pretty much every campaign so far. The Egyptian one was alright, but even the first Greek campaign was completely unbeatable with my skill set at the moment.

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They messed it up and easy mode is harder than standard

the difficult on this game is borked. there is no reason for standard to be so extreme.

has nothing to do with your skills, they broke they game

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Thread is just a smidgen old at this point but it’s fresh enough I felt it didn’t warrant a second thread on the same topic.

Chiming in that the AI on AoE:DE’s campaign are just insane most of the time. Standard or Easy, it’s like they’re playing as if I set them to Hardest. From what I’ve gathered, I guess that is indeed the case? They’re always on Hardest no matter what difficulty you set them to?

I’ve counted, the AI in the second Greek campaign mission (Acropolis) sends 2 ~ 3 Scouts and Axemen every few minutes into my area, faster than I can replenish my forces.

Popping back in to say that the AI in the campaign is almost universally far too aggressive, and the Skirmish AI seems to be treated as Hardest even on Easy as well. There’s no way that an “Easy” AI can have 20 ~ 24 villagers and have expanded so far before the ten minute mark.

I see that AoE:DE is still getting some updates, but is the AI personality & difficulty a known issue or planned to be tweaked at any point? Or at the very, very least looked into and or acknowleding it but stating it’s not a priority fix at the moment?

The first greek scenarioalways is almost unbeatable. The ai is very weird sometimes in different mpas around campaing Rise of Rome 1 map “birth of rome” was hard but… Last time was a walk in the park.

Lol try saving the wonder in Noryang Point against an AI that ignores your galleon attacks and keeps attacking the wonder to make you lose the achievement while you literally can’t flank them in any way as your ships are way too slow and the galleons destroy the wonder in 1 minute and a half, not only that but there’s a barrier of enemy navy fully upgraded protecting the cannon galleons, how to even try it?

Aoe DE I not aoede2.

@Lionkanzentai I’ve got all in extreme hard. :wink:

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Let me know what occurs.

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Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I jumped into AoE1 to get the 21 Century Man achievement (make 21 Centurions) for the AoE2:DE event challenge, and put the game on the easiest setting or next to easiest. Pretty sure easiest. The enemy AI wiped me out in the first game… and in my 2nd attempt I got schooled for the first 4/5th of the game.

The only thing that eventually saved me was building a ton of defensive towers saved me and allowed me some breathing room to finally stage a comeback.

In AoE2:HD and DE, I’m a fairly skilled player. AoE1:DE should not have been nearly as difficult as it was on that difficuly setting

I was so excited that they finally brought out another game. I have been playing AOE since the first game and still have some of the oldies installed. This game is not fun. You can’t do anything. You play for about an hour then get wiped out. You have no chance to do anything. I hope they fix it. UNPLAYABLE.

The current AI is tougher than the old one. What used to be the hardest mode is now “hard”.

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I agree. It looks “Easy” has become a synonym of “Hardest”. If a game was easy, it could be beaten… easily. Now, most AI players have become super aggressive regardless of difficulty setting.

yeah i don’t like it… especially in maps like lake of Poyang where they start getting crazy near the end building infinite ships while there’s no gold in map to defend

Which map is that? Im not dure what are you talking about.

The first Babylonian scenario.

Try putting a tower or two at the point where they are attacking you.