Difficultly is way too hard

I’m a new player and I cannot beat any campaigns on the “Easy” difficulty. I am constantly bombarded every 3 mins with at least 5 units from the enemy and any ground I make destroying the buildings of theirs is just rebuilt the next time I make an attack. There has to be something wrong. What can I do to make my experience better?

Hi @Kadabr0, Which game are you playing and is there a specific campaign that you need help? Someone on the forums here may be able to provide you some tips.

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Which campaign are you referring to?
Which game is it? Age of Empires Definitive Edition or Age of Empires II (2013)?

I’m playing AOE:DE from Steam. It’s pretty much every campaign so far. The Egyptian one was alright, but even the first Greek campaign was completely unbeatable with my skill set at the moment.

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They messed it up and easy mode is harder than standard

the difficult on this game is borked. there is no reason for standard to be so extreme.

has nothing to do with your skills, they broke they game