DISAPPOINTED : India patch update

Its hard to play because it has hard times with a lot of civs. In treaty 40 min, “the standard” (and please move out from Andes:

  • Since they dont get factories you have to wait until 25th shipment to begin with your infinite wood source. Europeans have got 2 factories for 20 min and you dont. So, you need more villagers on wood to get the upgrades and stuff. This means that at the beggining you have to be defensive until wood starts to grow for be agressive.

  • You will struggle far from your base as Mansabdars have to reach the battlefield. Pray for them to not get lost or blocked or killed in their way. Unlike daymios they arent horses and they arent that fast as flags are to be set up.

  • Fighting skirmishers, the most common unit on treaty, is a nightmare as they havent got a stable way of getting artillery and mahouts and sowars are bad af. Rockets are good, but then you have to stop your wood factories, needed to keep pushing with buildings.

  • And then we have siege elephants, that are countered by skirmishers… Every indian range counter to canons is weak to skirmishers, add some Heavy infantry and you are done. Melee cavalry is not an efficient way (looking at you aztecs/inca)

  • About deck cards, it is ridicoulous to need 5 training cards. One of them needed to buff sepoys. All we want is to get some merged to recover the flexibily lost. Also, there are others useless in both modes like grazing or very niche that seems a bad joke like green jackets (that is a must to have one)

  • Moving 10% from imperial sepoy to an optional age IV card is not a good idea to balance supremacy, as it is reachable sooner.

  • If It is that OP in supremacy why people is against some changes to benefit lategame over supremacy. For example, we can move technologies to a mosque in consulate by removing minutemen or azaps. Their consulate is the most useless on treaty.

  • Wonders:

  1. The existance of economic theory and after addition of granaries first, and then teepees change, Karni Mata seems a great bad joke on indian players. Is it that OP in supremacy to boost it a bit? Then we can boost it just on agriculture stats, a lategame thing. India doesnt get that much economic cards while their units are the most expensive.

2)Tower of Victory, I think I hadnt to explain this, but a 15 seconds effect is nothing. What if it gives a promotion rank permanently?? Idk it would rewards keep units alived while it would last a bit longer on treaty matches. Just an idea.

  • Their only economic bonus in lategame are 4 villagers from the consulate, a meme since you need to kill them to train pop heavy expensive units while always you need sepoys (weak vs skirms) to keep building to not lose land.

In short, playing some civs feels like devs want you to sweat and if you can win a single battle then your units are OP and have to be nerfed.
People who complain about these civs dont realize that players of this civs win not because the Civ is super strong, but because a player who can play it will have a lot of skill. So you encounter a too bad or a too good player.

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India a high tier civ in both 1v1 and team games at the competitive level. Maybe not in treaty mode (I don’t play that), but these nerfs are not over the top. India do not in fact have many bad matchups. They are pretty solid vs most civs, just no longer op. Rajput will still be fine vs intended counters. Now they can’t just be spammed vs every unit (same with Sepoy).


Most people who call India OP doesnt play India much either.

There are inherent defects in the civ,


it as OP/High Skill civ/High tier civ

is just ignoring

the loads of issue that it carries.

And that reflects in its player counts.

There are bad implementations and tons of issue in the deck and cards that needs to be addressed.

Each and every defect mentioned above are very valid concerns for the civ.

India has an above average win rate and many good match ups, they have a full unit roster in age 2. Zamburaks are also 1 of the most efficient dragoon type units in the game.

I don’t think rajputs needed to be nerfed at all but as is the custom these days whiners usually get what they want, however they were not what made india a strong civ as india was always this strong before rajputs got a bit of a buff.

You shouldn’t complain so much about a small nerf, hausa have almost the same xp penalty as india and they only get an unfattened cow yet india get a villager with every shipment. You can build agra fort mid map and force me to idle villagers and make units while you continue making villagers uncontested and the xp you get from fighting gives you more free villagers.

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I agree to your point to some extent, but this is not about just the Rajput nerf, this is the fourth unecessary/unthoughtful / unsincere update.

It about all the ignored updates , missed opportunities, and redundant cards, and nerf over nerf, to the civ.

That shouldn’t the civ should be reduced to. Also everyone knows how to defend from it anyways.

And that stereotypical sepoy rush too, is not what it used to be ages ago. They had to give more cards and research just to get the elephants on levels to compete with the new civs. And yet teh units are not on par with other.
But neither the eco is on par.

This simply says that either u make That fort/outpost in age1 or pretty much get out boomed or killed.

Disagreed, 60f 60g 1pop 120hp? no thnx. maybe usable in age2. but redundant after that. all ur resource goes to waste. Also gold income is very slow for India.

This is civ that cant even stand 1v1 face-off for long, meanwhile there are civ in the game that can handle 1v2 by their design.

India needs a new building or merging of some cards to create a breathing room in the deck. Along with sligh balance changes. This will make it a truely revived civ of a current DE.

Currently, as an India player you can NEVER play alone, as MAIN civ in team/treaty against any of the popular civs.

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Do you see fair having 5 cards for just training times? Fair to have a poorer economy with most expensive units? There is no flexibility on indian deck due to lack of techs

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I speak only as a 1v1 player, so in my case nobody uses train times and eco cards aren’t used much either so the extra villager india receive is what gives them an economic boost in 1v1.

If they have so many train time cards then they should merge them as they have done with other civs.


Thanks, on treaty if you want to use elephants you have to kill villagers for 80v. If you want to use rockets then you have to stop wood crates. Its the only civ that have to lose both villlagers and factories (crates) to be average, so you have a weaker eco to use more expensive units. After fur trade runs out its done as they are weak on coin.

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THATS also big part of PROBLEM. 1v1 players have created an Image of India that doesnt nearly apply to non-1v1 games.

Exactly, so even in 1v1 I suppose its for easier to out boom India. than any other civ. Just hold off the pressure, and booming normally would be sufficient even in 1v1

No, they are ship gunports… A gunport is an opening in the side of the hull of a ship, above the waterline, which allows the muzzle of artillery pieces mounted on the gun deck to fire outside. The origin of this technology is not precisely known, but can be traced back to the late 15th century, with the appearance of artillery in naval warfare. Ships featuring gunports were said to be pierced, since the ports were cut through the hull after the construction.

And now they added the map of Wales…

Yes, if the next dlc is from Asia ######## you missed Burmese), that’s where they will put all the patches, balances and improvements to the Asian civs…now they are fully focused on Europe, just as before they were focused on Africa with TAR…

Japan, USA, Mexico…

Gunports on a small fishing boat? No, you clearly see it is a fender. It is fixed with a rope, look at the pic again. Here’s a modern boat fender as an example.

For me the only impact of the next patch is the xp curve of India, with all the previous patches they made the sepoy less weak in 2 ages for boosted in 4, so more cards to have in a Team deck, if now they have 10% penalty for each shipment all cards for india will be slowed down in 1v1 little changes in team changes a lot.
The changes on the sepoys are quite stupid, melee nerf against heavy cav is fine but it’s excessive, in 2 ages a janissary does more dps than a sepoy, janissary more health but less damage sepoy less health but less damage at the current state ( close combat against heavy cavalry I mean), you have to use a card to do more damage and at this point I would simply choose the zamburack to have more dps and mobility (it is no coincidence that H2o almost always preferred to use the zamburack and not the sepoy as anti-sav) . I add that a monounits rush like sepoy rush works up to a certain level after that it is only to slow down and you won’t win directly or you start with sepoy and mix other units to continue the initial pressure or age steps. India in its current state is a solid and strong civilization, the echo is not op and the initial echo is not as strong as the Swedish one but if you give it time and chance it can become very strong, it all depends on you on how you use it and what your opponent allows you to do. In 1v1 as in team supremacy India is far from being Op (op is when something is so strong that you can’t beat it and have no counter or chance, consider that in aoe3 the match ups are very very variable, example: civ A wins over civ B because ugly Mu for civ B but civ A loses from civ C while civ B wins over civ C while losing from civ A, if you follow this logic then you understand how it works on aoe3), india in the next patch will be even more penalized in team games but still playable and good civ but you will feel the little nerf in the mid/late game. Having said that everyone thinks differently and even the Pros themselves think differently from each other because they are all of variable levels and the game itself is too varied and how to take into account only one skill calculation factor = elo is not very reliable especially in a game where often (especially in the news) the civs make the skills and the lamers are the order of the day.

It is the characteristic of this civilization as Dutch has access to skirmisher in 2 ages but does not have musketeers. You have to count that India must always update all the units because except the elephants for the 3rd age the remaining units don’t have ghost technologies while the Dutch even if it has the skirm in 2nd age it is automatically updated and India with wood has to practically do all.

Those were tyres. Even the Devs had said they were. Previous devs at ensemble probably used a modern ‘traditional’ boat as ref.

Ah ok… I was saying because it seemed to me something similar to this…

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Exactly thats what happened. the boats are the reference to real world “Shikaras”
CC: @MatM1996 , @BaphometSLM

Here is a Bigger one : (they come in many sizes from small boat to a luxury Boathouse size)


Thats literally the fav civ for every new comer.


NOPE ! they did the exact opposite : It about all the ignored updates , missed opportunities, and redundant cards, and nerf over nerf, to the civ.

Exactly the point! Sepoy was the premium balance of HP and MeleeVsCav, now its melee is really embarassing, so is the siege :confused: as I mentioned in OP :

It literally have pushed the 2500 XP threshold 1 SHIPMENT earlier to 16th shipment, rahter than the 17th previously.

Asset 2

Its already felt whoever handful plays late/treaty games with it.

:confused: :mask:

You’re right, I confused and wrote less weak, meaning weaker

This means a lot because in the news you often arrive late when you are in a stalemate or at least you get there for the current meta which is focused on boom and turtle in most cases.
And all previous shipments will reach you later and this equals less units / less eco consecutively if you have less economy = less units.

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Oh, I understand…

The shikara is a type of wooden boat found on Dal Lake and other water bodies of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. Shikaras are of various sizes and are used for multiple purposes, including transportation. A usual shikara seats six people, with the driver paddling at the rear. Like the Venetian gondolas, they are a cultural symbol of Kashmir. Some shikaras are still used for fishing, harvesting aquatic vegetation (usually for fodder), and transport, while most are covered with tarpaulins and are used by tourists. Some are used as floating homes.[1][2]

Yes, have I ever been wrong xd?..

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Never ever in their history they push a sincere update to India : WRONG TECHNOLOGY TREE ICONS

ALWAYS ALWAYS give un-sincere update, without attention and care.

This one is a small one , previus ones were blunders :slight_smile:


And this is not the first time

this has been seen, they always and always send a BUG to India in every patch and take months to correct a simple one. I have never seen a sincere update from dev for this civ.

There was a bug : Indian non-military shipments are stuck due to pop cap

that doesnt allow shipments to be called if u are on full pop :slight_smile:
they took a month to remove it.

BUT they NEVER Learnt from it, REPEATED it again in next update, and this time, they sent a patch but for OTHER civs. and the bug continued for 2 months almost. till the next PUP :slight_smile:

There are many more examples of carelessness in past year, that makes me say they are biased for the euro civs.