Disconnect after few minutes playing multiplayer (Problem persists after update)

The only fix I’ve found is to play Ranked. Literally no drops in any of my games for the past two days.

Not sure why games through the Lobby Browser drop so much though, or even why this is considered a decent fix.

EDIT ~ Ranked still crashes, nvm

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Not sure what I should unplug, the router from the wall? I am using Wifi always, no lan cable.

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Turn off the wifi or disable the wifi network card while the game is running.

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Just tried, if I disable the network card the game crashes, just turning off the wifi had no effect but kicking me out of the multiplayer tab of the game (but no crash).

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Exactly! That should not happen. Try to disable the network while running a different game then you’ll notice that nothing happens.


Hello Greg
I am glad to see some new perspectives on the issue. Ive read countless forum posts and summed them up earlier - and the problems most people are experiencing is the network adapters crashing / disconnecting in “communication” with DE causing them to instantly drop. Its obviously related - seeing the numbers of people with this “combination” of issues. I really think the issue got to be hardware/software related to DE interacting with the network adapter is some “wierd” way - that is way out of my understanding. The issue to fix this - while trying to locate the error - would be to make a “timeout” window - so people that faces a small disconnect dont get instantly thrown out of the game. I to have suggested several times that instead of fixing this issue - they can solve it by making a “reconnect” timer for the user - to get “arround” the issue and many other issues. A reconnect/resync screen is simply smart. =P


Hello Kz0r,

Indeed a reconnect is a must in any client-server sided multiplayer and surprisingly only DE do not have this feature. LOL and SC2 are a good example of a server-sided mp. SC2 has 60 seconds timer to reconnect you back and League has infinite timeout unless afk for 5 mins.

The way i see it we need the same timeout in SC2.


Has there been any proven solution to this. same thing 5-10 mins i drop out of game i am just dropping rank unnecessarily


No real solutions in sight yet but devs say they are working on it


I dont think it is related with network card.

I have a notebook and used to play without drops, until 26 december, when my ISP change my modem.

I tested my notebook in another location with other ISP and it works without drops.

So this problem maybe is related with some function that some routers dont have or not activated.
But be sure this problem must be fixed at server side from age, since this problem only occurs in age of empires, other games works without problems.

Another test I did was put the modem from ISP in bridge mode, it works, but it’s necessary to have another router to distribute the wifi.

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So coincidentally your ISP changed your modem the same week when December update was out?

If you really want to test go ahead and play up to 5 - 10 games in the row and make sure each game lasts at least 30 mins and spam APM don’t just sit there watching your units.

I myself thought the problem was fixed a week ago but when i started committing to multiplayer i found that all the players on this forum were right about the whole disconnection situation.

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Som1 made this from MBL’s 24H stream. haha - its kinda tragic commical. This summs up the issue pretty good - both his fustration and the that this makes no sense.


December updated came out Dec, 20. I played from days 20-25 without drops, on 26 Dec, my ISP change my modem and then start the drops.

Yesterday, I changed a configuration in the modem, to a bridge mode, I played 5 games in sequence, each game at least between 30-50 mins, no drops occurs.

And also, I tested my notebook in other location with other ISP, no drops occurs.

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Do you use Wifi like most of us?

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@GregRising for play I use cable. But I tested with wifi and drops also occurs.

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20-25 days without drops? … Must be nice.

I’m still counting from it’s release day. I have not been able to play a single game without getting dropped. What sucks is that the whole reason I got this game, again, was to re-live the nostalgia and great game memories with friends. Now around the 40 day mark, my friends are already burnt out of the game so I missed out. Here’s hoping this bug will be fixed at the 40 year, 16k Ultra Supreme HD version


That’s the villain!! DE currently is having more trouble with Wifi than with cable connection. And apparently I could deduce that lost packets share responsibility for disconnections.

My suggestion to you is to keep some distance from your router until it’s 4 network bars and then play as many games as you want.

Why 4 network bars?
Increase the chance of packet loss to investigate if those trigger the problem all along.

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At the first release i won 10 games within 2 days of testing then only later this December around the patch release date I started playing and unfortunately I win 1 and drop 1 game out of two… And what’s annoying it is synchronized 1 win then 1 drop; 1 win then 1 crash; 1 win then one drop; etc.

As if someone in the development team is sitting there to make sure I do not make progress in this game :joy:

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I don’t have any problems with actual crashing. Only the Network Disconnect when trying to play online. Ever since Day 1. The anticipation of the December patch, then the devastation of the patch not fixing it was crazy demoralizing. I’m still exhausted from it.

No wifi for me. Using Ethernet/cable. Best of luck brotha


I just made another test game now.

I put my modem from ISP back to router mode, tested 2 games, dropped in around 5 minutes.
Then, I put my modem in bridge mode, tested a game and no drops. As yesterday, no drops in bridge mode.

Someone of you can change your modem to bridge mode to test also and confirm?

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