Disconnect after few minutes playing multiplayer (Problem persists after update)

Game Version: 101.101.32708.0 4381514

  • Platform: Steam

Edit1: The problem persist in Game Version 101.101.32911.0 4395365


I’m trying to play ranked matches, using the match making. I find a match, and start to play. About 5 minutes after, I am disconnected. And I don’t know why, since all my others Steam games have normal connectivity. After this, I lost my connection with multiplayer lobbies. I am sent back to the main menu, and have issues to connect again with servers. Click on Multiplayer, and just after some minutes I can connect again, unless I restart the game. If I do this last one, I directly connect. I’m trying to play from Brasil, and first, I didn’t connect with Xbox Live, but even after I connected I faced these issues.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start the game.
  2. Click on Multiplayer.
  3. Go on first tab (ranked matches looby).
  4. Enter the queue.
  5. Play about 5 minutes.

Just this.

On image: “You have been disconnected from network. Check your connection and try again.”


Same thing happening to me


Same here. Literally just happened 5 minutes ago.


Same thing happening to me. I have the steam version, and the windows store version via gamepass. Problem exists with both of these. Hoping for a fix for this, great game from my younger years, just want the multiplayer to work!


Same problem again, was playing multiplayer with a friend against two computer players and my friend got disconnected first, then i kept playing for 2 minutes before I was eventually disconnected as well ://


Happened to me many times in winning games. I need my points back!


Same here still happens.


I and my friends are hardly able to create a lobby/join a lobby. Is this a common issue?

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I’ve been having the same problem, on ranked and unranked multiplayer games!


Same here, disconnected from multiplayer games between 4-10minutes. I probably only managed to complete 20% of multiplayer games,hope this has top priority to be fixed


I’ve been having the same problem, I got disconnected in all the games I’ve played.
I’ve tryed turning off the windows Firewall but It didn’t help.


Anyone can help with that? i really want to play but i dc every game!

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Having the same problem here, getting disconnected between 5-10 minutes.

I’m also trying to play from Brazil.

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Same issue for me too.

I made a new post about this as I also noticed the game kills my network adaptor at the same time the disconnect in game happens.

AoE2:DE Kills Network Adaptor - Age of Empires II / Report a Bug (Definitive Edition) - Age of Empires Forum


Same problem here. The game is unplayable.

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Same problem here. Please fix as soon as possible

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Same here and i’m from Brazil too. Are you guys using NET/Claro as your internet service provider too? Obviously there’s a problem that AOE team must fix, but i still believe that there is a route problem between AOE II DE brazilian server and our ISP. What do u say guys? Also using NET/Claro?


This is a global problem, it’s not your ISPs fault.

Have you guys tried following these steps?

Additionally, you can try updating Windows 10, logging into Xbox Console Companion App and verifying the game files on Steam.

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those aren’t LAN matches tho, those issues are happening with games connected to the servers

btw my friend has the same problem, he did everything u said and the problem still continues

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I’m in the UK on Hyperoptic, it’s certainly not ISP or network related. Only happens on this game.

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