DLC - request to the developers

In the game, houses change appearance with the new age.

Poles House in the Discovery Age

Poles Houses in the Colonial/Fortress Age

Poles House in the Industrial/Imperial Age

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the units i would see are:


norwegian ski infantry (RG skirmisher)

landsoldat (unique musketeer, similar typical musketeers but slight cheaper and with much worse melee, will force you to use other units against cavalry.) should have a reform card in industrial turning them into better version but more expencive (think similar to chinese old han), picture is from the Schleswig Wars (so post reform), i would have liked to have showed you a picture from 1700s my professor showed me but i cant find it right now.

kongens livgarde til fods/fodgarden (RG grenadier)

kongens livgarde (either unique heavy cavalry or RG hussar)

if not for what sweden just got then denmark also could have had a special dragoon type unit similar to the harqubusier since they used them during the 30 year war, but perhaps just make it a mercerary politician.

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Folwark - Works like a natives farm (it has different technologies).

The building would work like this (different building model - looking like the pictures shown above).

The animals would be standing around the building. The fields would resemble the Japanese Cherry Orchard (limit 4 per folwark). Could be built from the folwark option.

About Kurpie
The first people who settled there found the heavily forested area to be sandy and muddy. Beekeeping, producing pitch, and iron smelting were the principal commercial occupations with beekeeping highly regulated; however, families also hunted and fished, gathered mushrooms, collected fruits and nuts, and generally used the forests to provide them with their daily needs.
In the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Kurpie people were famous for their shooting skills. During the Kościuszko Uprising, it was from them that members of the elite units of customs shooters - precursors of snipers - were recruited. Kurpie gained fame during the November Uprising when Lieutenant Colonel Józef Zaliwski created partisan units - “Kurpiki Ostrołęckie”. In the regular Polish Army, the 6th Battalion of Customs Rifles, commonly known as the “6th Battalion of Kurpie”, was also formed in this period from Kurpie. But they gained the greatest fame in battles with the Swedes. In 1708, a battle between Kurpie and the Swedes took place at the Kopański Bridge. The Swedish king Charles XII was in danger after the Kurpie attack. During this fight, the ladant beside Charles XII was killed - which proves the accuracy of this peasant people. The Kurpie people then defeated the more numerous and much better armed Swedes.

It’s a good lance idea. The winged hussar could be the Polish equivalent of the Spanish lancer. Of course with other stats and appearance etc.

Gwardia Piesza Koronna (good name?)

The Russian Cossack is the Don Cossack. I was referring to the Zaporizhian Cossacks.

Don Cossacks

Zaporizhian Cossacks

About axes used in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth:

In the former Commonwealth, in the form of decorative ice axes - walking sticks were eagerly used and carried by the nobility. Attempts to preserve the ax as a weapon were made by numerous constructions combining firearms, most often with a wheel lock, with battle axes.

I invite you to vote:

btw, fun fact, the guy who made Napoleonic wars works for forgotten empires, he’s the UI designer AFAIR.

Sounds interesting :star_struck: It’s nice if this mod has become a full-fledged DLC :pleading_face:

There are plans to add Danes :wink:

yeah, i imagine his work is disrupted atm tho, obviously there is a lot of work yet to be done in AOE 3 DE to make the game bug free.

This mod adds such civilizations from Europe:

  • Austrians
  • Italians
  • Poles
  • Prussians
  • Swiss
  • Danes (coming soon)

And also:

  • Persians
  • Americans (United States)

If this mod was a DLC, we would get a solid boost of civilizations (7-8!). Anyway, the developer would have it easier (only conversion and improvement to DE).

7-8 new civs is way too much, some of them (f.e. Italians and Swiss) are not really that relevant.

Also adding a post-colonial nation (Americans) into this game doesn’t make sense.


There are many things to choose from for a better experience, better play and content. I don’t know why they obsess over Europe, where it’s obvious that they will plagiarize the original 8 Civilizations.

Yes, ironically, Age of Discovery One of the meanings is Eye On The World

Of course, if it is for commercial benefit, I would love to see paid DLC

If there was a DLC about Europe, you don’t have to buy it. Italians and Poles distinguished themselves very much from the rest of Europe. The Austrians were very important - they should have shared architecture with the Germans. Africa will be 100% new DLC, their presence in Historical Battles is a sign of this. So if that’s a sure thing, let’s think about the rest of the globe. There are no European very important empires. There are too few Asians and Americans - this is a problem. AFRICA WILL BE IN THIS GAME !!! It is not known whether as a DLC or as a free update, but it will be.

Algiers (1516) (Barbary Pirates against Spanish)

Christopher Da Gama’s Expedition (1542) (Portuguese, with Ethiopian allies, against Somalis)

USA would be great. Besides, they were the first revolution in the colonies. It would be nice to see them as a playable civilization.

It’s clear why past developers didn’t choose the new European civilization. Because they didn’t want to damage their colonial game. Because of that, they stopped adding Sweden and Italy as new civilizations.

I hope the new developers who succeeded them will not forget the minds of the past developers. It’s important to advance the game.

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The new European civilizations is also progress.

I don’t think the Swedes designed by the current developers are at all suitable for AOE3. They hide their incompetence with sloppy combinations of cards and sloppy units. And some of their characteristics made the Germans completely ignored. You know well what kind of controversy the Swedes are now bringing about in multi balance.

If you don’t know, it will be proof that you’ve been ignoring multiplayer for solo play only.

Yes. I want a new African and Asian expansion as much as anyone, but I also want a 30 Years War expansion with a few more European civs and European maps.

Keeping the game Colonial-themed, is ridiculous at this point, and will actually hurt it in the long run.

Yes, the Early Modern Age was also the Age of Discovery and Colonialism, but it was not the only thing happening in the World, or even in Europe.

Also, Ottomans look ridiculous in a game about Colonialism, without the vast majority of their traditional enemies, or their sphere of expansion.

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I have made excuses for that opinion. I think you’d better check out my thoughts and think about it again. Of course, I don’t think the developers in the past made an effort to get the concept perfectly, but they did everything they could. I hope that new developers understand and inherit it.

I hope they break away from it. Colonial-theme is exhausted at this point.

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