Eagles need nerf or

As many of you know the Eagle cost (20f, 50g), this is really sick somehow, maybe some of you will say ok militia line cost only 20g, but yeah it cost also 60f and 45 food after supplies if your civ have supplies!!! The enemy can keep producing eagles and vills so easly comparing to produce militia to counter eagles!!! This is really big joke that you can’t mass units to stop eagles flood with their 20 food cost and the same time producing vills which your enemy can do it easly!!! The Eagles are broken and at least i see they must increase their food cost to be 35 food or 30 food ate least instead of this stupid 20 food!!! And don’t forget that all meso civs have full militia line upgrades with full blacksmith upgrades so if you have a weak infantry civ what the hell you can do?! If they don’t nerf the Eagles then they must nerf the meso civs militia line or the blacksmith infantry upgrades!!!

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What’s next for the love of God.
Huge proof on how the “balance circle jerk” is going on


eagles are fine, they are hard countered by a unit that costs 40% of its gold cost.


Are you saying this 20 food is ok with full upgrades in militia line and blacksmith?!

Man the food is the problem and they can easly shift to militia they have full upgrades!!!

The unit that fills the cavalry role of mesos should cost more… sure

not right away they don’t have full upgrades, and frankly, its still wrecked by the lowly militia line, which is downright cheap and easy to produce. the eagle has a really long production time.


Just imagine you are Tatars with only 1 armor in your militia how can you fight eagles?!

And Tatars have knights, Keshik and if you are good at micro, then cavalry archers at hills thanks to the tatar bonus.

At least not intense as RoomoftheEvil

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This as example, i am talking as general that eagle line is broken

All meso civs have full infantry blacksmith upgrades with full militia line upgrades, if they will not change the eagles then they must nerf the blacksmith or militia line for meso civs

oh no, so some civs are weak to meso civs.
just like some civs are weak to goths.
and some civs are weak to lithuanians.
and some civs are weak to “insert civ here”.

regardless, even with 1 armor only, that means a longsword would take 8 damage from an eagle, assuming full castle age upgrades (large assumption due to attack upgrades lagging far behind), and require 8 hits to kill.
meanwhile a longsword would do 15 damage a strike to an eagle in castle age, and require a whole 4 hits to kill.
even tatars two handed swordsman in imp age deal 21 damage a strike with full upgrades, and take only 12 damage in return.


You do realize meso civs lack cavalry?


And are you saying mass cavs is easy as mass eagles/militia?!

laughs in mayans who lack champs and supplies. you lose.


Mayans already have tons of good things enough and their eagles are deadly with their +40 hp!!!

Two handed swordsman got +8 bonus damage against eagles with base attack in total 20(with blacksmith it’s 24) damage is fine imo

They lack an entire line of cavalry. They need something to replace that. Hence the existence of eagles…


but that wasn’t your claim.
your claim was this

As i said before all meso civs can easly shift to militia then you are dead