Elite Unique Unit Skin

They don’t seem interested in doing any visual improvements/additions to the game. Look how long people have been asking them to change the Persians to Central Asian architecture you don’t even get a ‘No’ just total silence.


Personally, I’d be happy with just a recolour like they did for the RoR units. Silver for base UU, then Gold or Gold trim for the Elite upgrade. An exception could be made for the Janissary though, since they already have a hat model.

This is already done for the berber mounted skirmisher unit,we can see the unit as a hero.One issue is some of the units wont look distinct enough with gold parts to thier armor eg TK or berseker

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it’ll probably come with cosmetic DLC, all in due time

This won’t generate any revenue, will it?

While we are at it the mounted samurai stil has no proper graphics.