Empire Wars Ranked Queue Additions(add other modes to its queue to spice it up - just empire wars is too little)

For the Empires Wars ranked queue I nominate:

Regicide, Empire Wars, Nomad, Death Match and Battle Royal - feel free to suggest any other modes for the variable starts ranked queue

This idea make no sense whatever. Putting completely different game mods on the same ladder is a terrible idea.

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The variable starts type of modes will do well in the same queue as one another instead of muddying the regular start queue’s waters and create their own atmosphere that players will actually like and expect in a more fun and chaotic secondary ranked queue.


More than fine


Should have his own queue

Not competitive.

There’s no reason to put all these mode together in a single queue

Best title ever!!!

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Allot of discussion can be found there - feel free to add to here - I do not completely agree with the author but I do sympathize with nomad/mega random being removed from that queue - tho nomad is a good mode - and should be transferred to a variable starts ranked queue where it will shine the brightest.

Nomad is just a map on RM, what do you mean? You can play Nomad EW, Nomad DM, Nomad RM. Just because you have to find a location and place the TC it doesnt make it another game mode.

IMO we should have a EW 1v1 Ladder, DM 1v1 Ladder, RM 1v1 & RM TG. Splitting the playerbase in much more than that may not be wise.

I would prefer to keep the queues limited to 2 sections with added team-modes within those queues- if we count up how many queues we have available to us rn - it’s more than 2 - so 2 sections of queues would be the preferable limit

We currently have about 8 queues

×2 queue sections

I would rotate the modes. One mode per event with some cosmetics locked under them.

I would personally prefer:

1v1 EW
1v1 DM
1v1 RM

(same as @BuckledClub644 )

I dont think we need TGs for DM and EW. These game modes are mostly popular is 1v1s.

Having these ladders as fixed ladders. There might a 5th ladder containing ‘fun game modes’ which change every month. This ladder can have games like Regicide, KotH, BR, … Might even add CBA and stuff like this. But i dont really think this is needed, since these kind of games arent really that popular and still can be played in the lobby if people want to play these kind of games.

But HealFortress really made this thread because of his opinion in the Ban Nomad forever?!?!?!? thread, where he really wants a different ladder for Nomad games, because Nomad in RM settings isnt RM in his opinion. I strongly disagree with that opinion. Nomad as map in RM is just fine. I have still no idea why he Nomad with random map game mode isnt part of the random map game game in his opinion.

To be fair, a regular RM Arabia has a lot more in common with an Arabia Regicide and Arabia Empire Wars than with a Nomad game imo, so I get where he is coming from (but I still agree with you that it’s still a RM and not a different mode)
I would love a “Fun” ladder which constantly changes with Regicide, Battle Royale, Death Match, etc

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