Enhanced AI

@DarthJakeLord, in regards to all of the maps included with the game, the size of the map alone does not affect the AI’s ability to perform. You may play on large or normal sized maps, it does not matter.

You may play on almost any standard skirmish map you want. Archipelago works, but it’s a work in progress. I need to add code for Ceylon too. I personally like to play on Great Plains, Caribbean, New England, Saguenay, Vistula Basin and Mediterranean, regardless of whether I am playing against AI or not.

Another update for Spring has arrived.

Changes in 1.0.3:
The AI is better at aging up.
The AI selects more beneficial and interesting politicians now.
Japanese will now train Shinobi if they have Daimyo Tokugawa present.
The AI should perform better on Ceylon.
The AI will send some of its troops to destroy enemy trade posts or patrol the map.
The AI should attack a lot more often on higher difficulties once it gets a decent economy going.
The AI will now occasionally try to destroy all of your docks on water maps just to be cruel.
If economic conditions permit and the AI is in the Imperial Age, they will create extra military buildings.
Custom AI card deck creation now supports distinction between land and water maps. Name your decks “Enhanced-Land” for land maps or “Enhanced-Naval” for water maps. Rename your “Enhanced” decks appropriately for compatibility with this update.

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Today’s update is a small one.

Changes in 1.0.4:
Fixed an issue that prevented the AI from making up to 7 docks.
Fixed an issue that prevented the AI from making enough fishing boats on naval maps.
Fixed an issue that dealt with military maintenance.
Randomized the new dock attack logic so it will randomly select a dock from a list of docks it has seen.