Eurasia Map - discovery and speculation

inspired by Let's build a world map of AoE3

white text = (somewhat) confirmed maps, not playable yet
black text = maps available in the current PUP
red text = my speculations on future maps

i guess there will be a map between Muscovy and Ural Mountains, since there is a lot of empty space … but its well possible, that i put Yamal to far in the east or that the map projection crams it a bit.

Yekaterinburg is just a placeholdername … there are 2 borders going south from Yamal and there has to be something … but it could also be just the Eurasian Steppe making a curve northwards

its also possilbe, that Siberia will be split into different maps in the future (Yamal being the first of it) and ‘our’ siberia map will be renaimed into transsiberian railway or smth (like Silkroad).

i think North Sea and Caspian Sea are ‘confirmed’ new maps since we have no instance, where a body of water is mentioned without being a map

if you look really close, you can see the letter ‘D’ on Island … so its already named!

@ EliteRiflemann sadly a worldmap is not yet feasible since many of the maps are not updated atm. … had to make some awfull distortions to make africa, europe and asia somewhat fit together … they all have different projections ^^’


is there a way to upload in better quality on this forum? :slight_smile:
the original has 26mb and you can zoom all the way in

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You could upload it on the aoe3 reddit and Link it here.

Hopefully the devs will update the maps so we can have a matching world map.


good idea :smiley:
… so after accidentally spamming reddit with >14 post i finally managed to do it ^^’

it has a blank map, so you guys can make your own speculations


Thank you so much for this.
So all the hints with text are currently:
Balearic Islands
Black sea
Ural mountains
Mediteran sea
north sea
Caspian sea

I wonder what the others will be and if Greenland, Siam, Philippines ans southern China will be added too.


where did you find gibraltar? I think its a really cool idea for a map, but i couldnt find it^^’

It’s South of Spain.
You can see it here in picture 8

It’s that tiny tiny bit of spain that’s actually British.

ah great! didnt see it :smiley: … i guess it will be like in WoL

Did they get rid of Archipelago? I don’t see it anymore in the PUP.

It wasn’t great to play on and the AI couldn’t handle it at all so I can see why they might have.

Yeah it’s gone from the maps. Also the Wittelsbach posts were missing their flag there which could be another small reason but I agree on how the map wasn’t really fun with all the tiny islands with limited space.

It’s multiplayer only as intended.

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That’s a bit strange. Are there any other maps that are multiplayer only?

Ceylon is one. Pretty much any map with a small starting island that requires players to expand early to other landmasses for resources can’t be played by the AI.

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Es verdad, la ia se queda pegada en su isla del inicio y se queda con recursos limitados, eso si cuando hace una flota al principio es molesta xd

Thirty Years’ War is also exclusively multiplayer; check the Historical Maps in Skirmish

ngl beating the confused AI on Ceylon used to be one of my favorite things.

Could we have something like in aoe2? There is a checkbox for recommend maps. If you unckeck it, you can also chose the multiplayer maps in single player.
I like to train and test the maps, before I get destroyed in multiplayer.

Yeah that would be a better idea, I really like how the archipelago map looks, too bad it’s not in Single P. anymore, I hope they’ll consider! :slight_smile: