Every civ should have 2 UUs

And probably 3+ UTs as well.

And there isn’t a single proper argument against that.


“Every” is the worst approach to design a strategy game, once you work around a flat line you lose diversity.
But I guess you guys have a severe OCD… same posts, Crossbow tech for everyone, eco bonus for everyone, all civs with late game abilities, etc…


Disagree. with 39 civs and potentially more the unique techs would severly overlap which is lame. I like the design right now a lot more :slight_smile:


Don’t cheese the jokes…

Is this a troll post?


rather i would like all civs to have 2 unique “things”. like some civs have 2 UU, while some other have 1 UU and 1 unique building. some even have 2 UU and 1 unique building. i would love to have a unique building for every civs that does not have 2 UU just to add diversity between the civs. does not need to be hugely fantastic in its design, just a slight change for flavour. but that would require lots of work and risk in overlap so it’s unlikely to happen ever


Regional units
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Every civ should have two different Castles!

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ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଖରେ ନିଜର ଦୁର୍ଗ ଭି ହେବା କଥା ।

I don’t know about 3 UTs, but 2 UUs I’m ok with that



New update: every civ has 2 types of castles, one produces your UU, the other produces enemy UU Kappa


Yes there is. Don’t fix what’s not broken.

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For example people could get their genitours for Portuguese and Spanish.

Imperial skirms possibly for some civs?

Elephants, eagles and SL are already regional, could add a couple civs.

And then stuff like the macemen or whatever people recommended.

Biggest issue is balancing though.


Condotiero for Italians, Sicilians an other civ from the region. And remove it from Italian’s Team Bonus

You will like this :grinning:

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Agree to regional units. Genitours for spanish, portugese and berbers

Give indians battle elephant too.

The western europeans civs can get some thing and so on

Persians could have Battle Elephants too.

And I think the Japanese could have a second UU too. Maybe a Shinobi or else a warrior monk (like the naginata sohei you get from the zen temple in AoE3).