[MOD] Eternal Civilization


“Eternal Civilization” is an unofficial expansion pack of “Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition”. More than 80 new units have been added into this MOD, thus each civilization will get at least 1 kind of new unique unit. More general units and general technologies have also been added, and some of the original units and technologies of the game have been adjusted. The Mod is equipped with a dedicated AI. All of the above are to enhance the fun of the game for players!


  1. New Units
    “Eternal Civilization” adds 1-6 new units for each civilization. These units have their own unique attributes or abilities and will play an important role in the game. Some of them are limited quantity units, which are much more powerful than ordinary units that can only be created after Imperial Age or some certain technologies is researched. Such as HMS Battleship(BRITONS), Flying Crow(Chinese), Great Bombard(TURKS) and DaVinci Tank(ITALIANS).
    At the same time, the Mod also adds some general units and buildings, such as the new stable unit chariot-line, new dock unit engineering ship, new building sea wall, sea gate and sea tower. And modified some of the original units.

  2. New Techs
    “Eternal Civilization” adds some techs for all civilizations. For example, Boiling Oil allows Castles, Kreposts and Donjons gain a boiling oil attack against nearby enemies, Armed Outpost make outposts can attack and no longer cost stone. Stone Circulation can let stone mine last longer. In the Wonder, there are four technologies that can completely change the pattern of later game, only one of them can be chosen. In addition, some of the original technologies are also be modified. For example, the Fortified Wall will upgrade the palisade walls into fortified palisade walls, and increase the hit point of the palisade gate, sea gate and sea wall.

  3. Balance
    “Eternal Civilization” makes large-scale adjustments of balance, but it may not more balanced than the official version, which requires extensive testing and feedback.

  4. Special AI
    “Eternal Civilization” has an dedicated AI, which is basically the same as the default AI in the game, but can produce new units of this MOD and research new technologies. There will be some cheating in Hardest or Extreme.

————————————————『Unique Unit List』————————————————

  1. BRITONS: HMS Battleship , Noble Knight of Round , Wales Knight , (Longbowman)
  2. FRANKS: Knightess of Arc , Iris Paladin , (Throwing Axeman)
  3. GOTHS: Huskarl Rider , Heavy Pikeman , (Huskarl)
  4. TEUTONS: Crusader Lord , Crusader Knight , (Teutonic Knight)
  5. JAPANESE: Ninja , (Honored)Qilin Cavalry , (Samurai)
  6. CHINESE: Flying Crow , Triple Bows Ballista , Flame Thrower , (Honored)Qilin Cavalry , Imperial Guard , Dragon Ship , (Chu Ko Nu)
  7. BYZANTINES: Centurion , Heavy Swordsman/Legionary , (Cataphract)
  8. PERSIANS: War Colossus , Immortal , (War Elephant)
  9. SARACENS: Imam , (Elite)Arabian Swordsman , (Mameluke)
  10. TURKS: Great Bombard , Royal Janissary , Sipahi , (Janissary)
  11. VIKINGS: Viking Chieftains , Norse Warrior , (Berserk) , (Longboat)
  12. MONGOLS: Daruqai , Guard Cavalry Archer , Hunting Wolf , (Mangudai) , (Steppe Lancer)
  13. CELTS: Legendary Brave , Highland Warrior , (Woad Raider)
  14. SPANISH: Elite Masketeer , Frigate , (Conquistador) , (Missionary)
  15. AZTECS: Legendary Jaguar Warrior , Quetzalcoatl’s Eagle Warrior , Xolotl Warrior , (Jaguar Warrior) , (Eagle Warrior)
  16. MAYANS: Plumed Huntress , Pike Huntress , Xolotl Warrior , (Plumed Archer) , (Eagle Warrior)
  17. HUNS: Huns Cavalry , Huns Cavalry Archer , (Tarkan)
  18. KOREANS: (Honored)Hwa Rang , (Honored)Qilin Cavalry , War Wagon , Turtle Ship
  19. ITALIANS: DaVinci Tank , Condottiero Captain , Elite Condottiero , (Genoese Crossbowman) , (Condottiero)
  20. INDIANS: Kshatriya Elephant Archer , Battle Elephant , (Elephant Archer) , (Imperial Camel Rider)
  21. INCAS: Sun Warrior , Elite Slinger , Xolotl Warrior , (Kamayuk) , (Slinger) , (Eagle Warrior)
  22. MAGYARS: Champion Rider , Champion Cavalry Archer , (Magyar Huszar)
  23. SLAVS: Oprichnik , (Guard)Cossack , (Boyar)
  24. PORTUGUESE: Frigate , (Feitoria) , (Organ Gun) , (Caravel)
  25. ETHIOPIANS: Lifidi Knight , (Elite)Gold Lancer , (Shotel Warrior)
  26. MALIANS: Malian Chief , Gold Armor Guard , (Gbeto)
  27. BERBERS: Imperial Genitour , (Camel Archer) , (Genitour)
  28. KHMER: Imperial Battle Elephant , (Ballista Elephant) , (Battle Elephant)
  29. MALAY: Blade Warrior , Canoe , (Karambit Warrior) , (Battle Elephant) , (Harbor)
  30. BURMESE: Bamar Royal Fighter , (Arambai) , (Battle Elephant)
  31. VIETNAMESE: Imperial Guard , (Rattan Archer) , (Imperial Skirmisher) , (Battle Elephant)
  32. BULGARIANS: Konnik Lord , (Konnik) , (Krepost)
  33. TATARS: Guard Cavalry Archer , (Keshik) , (Flaming Camel) , (Steppe Lancer)
  34. CUMANS: Iron Mask Cavalry Archer , Legendary Steppe Lancer , (Kipchak) , (Steppe Lancer)
  35. LITHUANIANS: Heavy Leitis , Silvercross Paladin , (Leitis) , (Winged Hussar)
  36. BURGUNDIANS: Knight of the Golden Fleece , (Coustillier) , (Flemish Militia)
  37. SICILIANS: Serjeant Officer , (Elite)Norman Knight , Norman Warhammerman , (Serjeant) , (Donjon)
  38. POLES: Field Crown Hetman , (Obuch) , (Winged Hussar)
  39. BOHEMIANS: Wagon Hetman , (Hussite Wagon) , (Houfnice)

————————————————『New Common Units』————————————————

  1. Chariot/Scythed Chariot/Imperial Chariot
  2. Engineering Ship
  3. Sea Wall/Sea Gate/Sea Tower

————————————————『New Common Techs』————————————————

  1. Armed Outpost: Outpost has attack ability, and stone cost is replaced by additional wood cost.
  2. Fortified Town Defence: Town Centers automatically fire arrows. Castles +3 projectiles, Krepost +2 projectiles, Towers and Harbors +1 projectile.
  3. Adept Stonemason: Watch Tower-line cost less stone and more wood. Gates and Bombard Towers cost less stone.
  4. Ballista Emplacement: Castles, Kreposts and Donjons can fire a powerful ballista bolt.
  5. Boiling Oil: Castles, Kreposts and Donjons gain a boiling oil attack against nearby units.
  6. Sprouts of Capitalism: Farmers quickly generate gold, but work rate -25% for generateing food. Other villagers and trade units +15% work rate, but -20% hit points. Town Center and Marcket work 50% faster.
  7. Renaissance: Max population +20%
  8. Reformation: Monks +15 hit points, +3/+4 armor, heal speed and convert faster. Neutralize the effect of Heresy of enemy.
  9. Republic: Military units can be upgraded to the highest level at double cost.
  10. Stone Circulation: Stone last 25% longer.
  11. Gold Circulation: Gold last 25% longer.
  12. Wood Circulation: Wood resources last 25% longer.

————————————————『New Functions』————————————————

  1. Making Bricks: Cost some wood and gold, Gain 100 stone.
  2. Planting Woods: Cost some wood and food, Gain 500 wood.
  3. Crusaders, Assemble! (TEUTONS): Turns all existing Teutonic Knights into Crusader Knights.
  4. Get on Horse, Konniks! (BULGARIANS): Cost some food, let your Dismounted Konniks and Dismounted Konnik Lords get on horse, become Konniks and Konnik Lords again.

————————————————『How to Use』————————————————

  1. Download three Mods “[local]Eternal Civilization”, “[SMX]永恒的文明Eternal Civilization”, and “[UI]永恒的文明Eternal Civilization”.
  2. Turn on Mods [SMX], and [UI] , then restart the game.
  3. Choose “Eternal Civilization” in Data Mod before starting a standard game, single campaign or co-op campaign.
  4. If you want AI to use new units and technologies, please use “AI (Eternal Civilization)” to play the game.

I will introduce all the new units here later.