Exclude UI mods from the check for MP compatibility

Ok, so the developers have disabled any sort of mod from working in ranked multiplayer. Fine, so be it.
You have to restart the game and hope the mod stays enabled to be able to use the mod in unranked multiplayer, and that’s another issue.

But why is it a requirement for everyone in the game to have the same mod installed even if it’s just a UI mod?

Please exclude UI mods from the check for compatibility with other players.


This is unacceptable. I don’t use that word lightly, but there’s just no other way to put it.

Mod support has been frankly very poor ever since the game launched (absolutely zero documentation or modding tools provided, the sole reason we are able to create mods whatsoever is only thanks to @VladTheJr’s work on an unofficial resource extractor).

I was hoping maybe with further updates the mod support would at least be improved a bit, but instead it’s getting even worse. It is becoming impossible to use virtually any mod in multiplayer, and barely any even in singleplayer.

String mods no longer work properly, Scenarios don’t work properly, mod updates don’t work without reinstall, basic UI mods make it impossible to play with anyone else online now, mods are disabled in ranked matches completely… Excuse me, but what the hell is going on?!

Why is this a thing at all? Ever since legacy, the game already checks compatibility specifically on changes to relevant data files. If there’s a need to include some additional files in that check, fine, but don’t blanket disable everything…

Despite DE advertising official mod support, in its current state it would be tough to argue it’s any better than the original game; seeing as the new modding system is essentially unusable by-design and official documentation or tools for modding are completely non-existent.

It is especially saddening when one considers that modders have kept the game alive through many years while the game had gone unmaintained, and DE itself has ported a large amount of changes from a community-made mod. We deserve better :disappointed:


you forgott EVERY MOD TYPE, Including SOUNDS WTF !


Bump. This thread needs more love. This is a top priority. Hopefully devs pay attention.


I second everything about this post! Also, I appreciate the link to my post about the stringtable issue.

Bump. Modding is a core thing in the aoe community.

Bumb, untill some dev gives an answer. Dont care about bumping it 200 times

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The Devs need to work on a proper polished ranked/lobby/observing/chat/friends UI AND allow community to mod UI and Sound elements.


Agreed! Mods that have no effect on gameplay, mechanics or balance and only affect your personal visuals and/or sounds should be good to go in every game mode, imo.


Bumb, untill some dev gives an answer. Dont care about bumping it 200 times

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100% agree. Also means the motivation to develop a mod is very low, so the whole feature is quite useless.


Totally agree. So many restricts for MODs there, why not just remove the feature in game.

I am going to drop a reply in this thread as well. Mods do a lot for the game, especially UI mods. I would like to see devs address this one as soon as they get rid of the worst bugs

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