Fast Villager Defense is crashing

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • GAME BUILD #: current
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

My mod encountered problems on January 1, even though the last update was on December 12, and everything worked smoothly from December 12 to January 1. FVD stands out as one of the most played mods in AOE2, boasting a substantial player base of hundreds and a subscriber count of 30,000. Despite our efforts to debug the issue, we’ve been unable to identify the root cause. The crashes consistently happen between 3-7 minutes into the game and occur quite frequently.

I’m attaching the dmp file here. However, I had to change it to mdmp because the forum system doesn’t allow me to upload dmp files.
AoE2DE1KTT5MU3.mdmp (399.7 KB)
AoE2DEPC995PR7.mdmp (412.8 KB)

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

50% FREQUENTLY - not all matches are crashing

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Host FVD
  2. wait for full lobby
  3. play

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

It shouldn’t be crashing

:arrow_forward: IMAGE

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:arrow_forward: GAME FILES (SAVE / RECORDING)

MP_Replay_v101.102.33868.0_2024.01.08_143856_1.aoe2record (6.4 MB)
MP_Replay_v101.102.33868.0_2024.01.08_144737_1.aoe2record (6.8 MB)
MP_Replay_v101.102.33868.0_2024.01.08_151515_1.aoe2record (6.5 MB)
MP_Replay_v101.102.33868.0_2024.01.09_153815_3.aoe2record (4.8 MB)
MP_Replay_v101.102.33868.0_2024.01.09_141440_1.aoe2record (4.8 MB)
MP_Replay_v101.102.33868.0_2024.01.09_224728_1.aoe2record (4.9 MB)


yea this part is super silly. they changed the file extension to .dmp but didnt change the forum allowed files extension and we have to change it manually to upload

could the devs pls help check @Felizon89

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Commenting to confirm this is happening to me.

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I can confirm that this has been happening, not sure why but please fix it. Leep in mind i only play AOE and buy the upgrades cause of of this MOD.

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Please fix it, the community needs this mod to work


I talked with the team and we’re gonna investigate this issue, thanks for the report.


Thanks, Felizon! The FVD community appreciates your help. Also, we’ve noticed that for each crash we’ve recorded, there’s a saved chapter.


This bug happens to me also.

I have been spectating this a lot in MP and I have sent many bug splats (when it crashed.) so, you should have more than enough info. (I love this mod and watch it whenever it’s hosted/spectate-able.)

@SadBearFVDCLUB On a related note, the game seems to crash a lot when players “vote to crash” spectating defeated players. (Including actual Spectators.) I know lag is a big issue but, I HIGHLY recommend not having this in the code/triggers.

Hello Spooky,

Our XS was written 2 years ago and we have never had any problems before. Except for Save Chapter Glitch. And “vote to crash” is working as intended. I appreciate your feedback.

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Please fix it, its my favorite mod.

Hope you can resolve this matter. I only log into AoE2 DE for FVD!

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more crashes
MP_Replay_v101.102.33868.0_2024.01.11_133242_1.aoe2record (4.6 MB)
MP_Replay_v101.102.33868.0_2024.01.11_135441_1.aoe2record (4.7 MB)
MP_Replay_v101.102.33868.0_2024.01.11_141806_3.aoe2record (4.8 MB)

Can confirm I’ve experienced this issue.

Notes about crashes and unexpected behavior:

  • Does not occur if the game goes past 10 minutes (In game time) 100% of the time.
  • Freezes usually have a 250-400MB increase in mem usage before they occur.
  • Some people experience Bugsplats if they allow their Ram to run out once the game freezes.
  • Some people can run the game time duration with a frozen game running at 15GB+ ram resulting in a XS error after the game is finalized. (The XS error is probably just from trying to access XS after the game is finished)
  • Crashes most typically occur between 4-7 minutes.
  • Has not been repeatable in single player testing.
  • Certain hosts do not seem to experience the problem as frequently.
  • Each Crash has a “Go To Next Chapter” in the replay. (crashes if you click it)
  • It seems to happen more frequently during different time periods.
  • It seems to only happen with more than 4 players. (more testing required for this)
  • Sometimes there is 23222_ before the mod name once subscribed. (Not isolated to FVD)
  • Lobbies will occasionally drop players upon initialization. It will say game cancelled, you were dropped from the game, or the lobby encountered an unexpected problem and has been closed. (10-40% of the time)


At me if you have any questions ~Pyra


I can vouch for the accuracy of this note based on observations from the player base.


Hoping this resolves soon. We play this mod the most. Glad the devs are looking into it.

I like trains, especially the single-wheeled ones

Found a minor bug. (reported on bug splat.) I don’t think it’s something you can fix. Most likely the devs will have to.

“Testing FVD in the editor, quit game/editor, returns to main title screen, and crashes. (sounds related I think.)”

edit: (The custom sound was still playing.)

Sure, if you’re testing in the scenario editor, make sure to deactivate the AI remover - its one of the first triggers -and wait for the music to stop before exiting the scenario editor. This is important, since we added custom music as train unit sound.

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Waiting patiently and hoping this gets fixed ASAP.