Feudal Siege Idea

Hello, the idea is to add a new siege weapon from Feudal. In order to not «complicate» too much the actual siege tree the new weapon could have the following characteristics:

-The weapon is a «Wooden Ram», works actually as a generic ram, but don’t upgrade in battering ram. Is a separated ram line without upgrades

-Available from feudal, but requieres a blacksmith.

-Vils can construct it. Simple, you buildit like a 1 tile building and when finish it, the wooden ram appears. If there is not pop spaces the progress stops in 99% until pop have space.
From Castle Age can be trained in SW

Cost: 150W (yes, trash siege option)
Building time: 50 sec (1 Vil), 30 sec(SW)
HP: 100
Attack: 1 (+75 Buildings, +20 Siege)
RoF: 5
Armor: -3/6 (Bulky in Feudal but weak from Castle Age)
Speed: 0.50
Garrison space: 2

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Interesting idea, that could be quite interesting. If it looks good, it will also be nice for scenarios, with siege themes.

Feudal Ram is already a civilization bonus in game.adding this would destroy that.

Not really. You have good Feudal Rams with Cumans, and low end cheap rams with this. The Cuman bonus could also be changed to Capped Ram free in Castle Age, because the Feudal ram is typically underused.

I know this issue was going to appear. You are right, but, actually the cuman bonus never worth it because of the high cost in wood that implies. Second TC at least is strong in closed maps. I think this bonus could be removed and Cumans don’t going to miss it, or leave it. Yes, they overlap in certain way, but aren’t the same… like others things in the game

I love feudal ram push with cumins, especially on arena. But I am also in favour of every civ having access to feudal rams. I think it would mean more risk going fast castle and more back and forth in feudal.

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