Finally, devs win their war over history fans

I find the Japanese design to be pretty cool overall surely this grey shield on the mounted samurai could go and yes you could argue that any form of mounted samurai archer got replaced by the onna musha.

To me the only thing truly missing in the japanese civ are the warrior monks which I always find to be quite underrepresented compared to their impact in medieval japan. Sure the buddhist monk is more battle oriented but it’s a support unit not a figthing one as I would have hoped to see.

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Mounted Samurai Archers are “Typical” Samurais. In real history, Japanese learned horse archery skills from their enemy Annu people, and finally conquered them.
That also gave birth to the first Samurais: an armoured mounted warrior with a longbow.
It’s a pity that they are absent in AoE4, but not that unstandable, since Onna Mushas were also real Samurais.

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I have posted almost one hundred suggestions or questions here, but none was replied by them, and seems none of them are accepted by devs.

That’s taking it personally. The real problem with your post is the title and the meaning of the message.

Devs won over the players, the title practically makes the devs villains.

Although you are pointing out many points in the Japanese CIV that could be corrected or improved in the future, but instead of asking for it (its correction) as is normally done in the forum for balance or aesthetics, you only mention that the devs are disdaining the fanbase and you, and generalizing negatively to those who do not completely agree.

In general, victimization and generalization tend not to be taken very seriously, regardless of the extra content of the message. Consider it at least for future posts.

The developers read but don’t respond! If someone does it’s mostly volunteer moderators doing their job or an official announcement. I wouldn’t take it too personally.

I appreciate your effort OP. But let me help you out a bit.

Post pictures of what you mean (like, how Japanese shields looked like), with sources to back up your claims. That way it’s both easy to see and read about your issues.

I don’t think the devs are malicious. They worked with what they researched and saw themselves.

Finally I’d implore you to phrase things differently. You come off as very hostile in your initial post. This isn’t the way to conduct an argument in good faith.


I’m sure that’s why the DLC and game are on the best-selling steam charts right now and the game is enjoying a huge surge in popularity unseen since the first month of the game’s release despite it being on a Tuesday.

But it’s a pity for me. Otherwise, the new gameplay is good and interesting. Especially 4 variant civs. After I tested Zhuxi and Order of Dragon, I think they play like brand new civs.

It’s amazing that there are still strange people who are looking for a history textbook in AOE, which the game has never been. It’s like coming to the AOE2 section and saying that the heavy knights of the Huns are a mockery of history. Nobody cares, it’s a game, don’t be so stuffy.

Yeah, I don’t care anymore.

Because for me, Age series as a historical game is dead.

See how elementary historical education has degraded.

Something like a slightly less non-fitting shield or polearm is already textbook-level accuracy for the merry “young generation”.

The devs stole the Mongol campaign hero called Liang Li’s skin and attached it to Zhu xi’s civ.
In other words, it is actually a Chinese traitor warlord with Mongol-Chinese armor. The top armor is more of a Mongol one, and the bottom horse bardling is Chinese. This is why many are not happy.
They are just using existing assets and stating it is a new unit.

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WTF is Your reaction…

Did I write, that is worse or something like that?

The buildings, battles and units are just the statistics in Europa Universalis, as You notice, it is completetly different game

AoE3 updates gave me some confidence that devs could do a good history job, however AoE3 is defined as a failure in this forum, and everything it has is a part of failure, including history representation.
At last, no one still care about it, they continue support devs and I left to play other games, what a good ending!

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Agreed historical setting is just a pretext at this point.