First anniversary of AOE2DE ! what do you want?

it’s called balance tuning, Tatars don’t need much to be a solid civ, and that certainly doesn’t include a third unique tech, and Tatars actually have solid Unique techs. furthermore, all your change would do is make it so that CA could only be used by Tatars - the easiest way to buff CA is to reduce their Frame Delay, this helps all the civs who can effectively rely on the Cav Archer, which frankly, they all could use, with the exception of maybe Huns, but even they aren’t being stand out stellar atm.

i have provided all sorts of input, just because i’m not a fan of radical changes to the design of the game doesn’t mean i am anti change, i have an entire thread full of balance proposals that i posted a few weeks ago.

I would like some skins:

Spanish Pikemen AKA tercios
African Archers
Persian Cavalry
Chinese Militia line

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I was going to dismiss this out of hand, but there actually are 3rd unique techs: the Imperial camel and Imperial skirmisher upgrade.

I still don’t support Your proposal for Tatars btw.


I think that the one idea I would like to have be implemented into the game is a new economic game mode.

While AoE2 is based on building up economy so that you then build military…I would like to see another new economic game mode besides “Wonder Race”. Like, a game mode where you literally have to collect the most resources and be the “best economic player” in the match. And maybe have the game mode also give you points based on how many “civilization buildings” you build, like markets, town centers, wonders, castles.

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Given that Aztecs have been nerfed so much (they already had the worst tech tree), their free loom have been given to the goths, I demand halberdier, that’s it.

Aztecs are still the best civ in the game. They don’t need buffs


mmm Burmese already have halbs with free extra attack.

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Aztks are not the best in the game, the best in the game needs to be strong at all random maps, that is why vikings still having that crown, they were weak at michi,bf before onagers could cut the forest, now that belongs to the past vikings are the strongest civ overall across all random maps.

Yeah more nerfs to the aztks would be bad, from top to useless.


Aztecs are not a top tier civ nowadays, there are 12 civs with higher win ratio in 1v1, and they are not competitive in team games. Just look at the stats in

really? that’s why they are the most used civ in tournaments? that’s why practically every pro and practically every caster has them highest rated?

meanwhile tournaments would like a word with you. look at this

banned 45 times. (1 less time then the next 3 highest civs COMBINED)
involved in 99% of all drafts.
65% winrate when played. the highest of all civs when played at least 10 times.

two maps that don’t see a lot of play in the 1v1 scene.

pros disagree with you.

oh and for a civ that is supposedly bad in team games.

60% winrate, 35 uses doesn’t seem all that bad to me.

Pros are a super skewed sample of the population, we are talking about 100 or max 200 players from a a universe of at least 38000 active players, that is about 0.26% of the active population playing the game.


so we should balance the game around all skill levels like you want? where we have people who can’t even micro? people who don’t know how to macro optimally? people who don’t know build orders? no thanks.

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14 you aztks me viking i delete 3 vills at start any water map bro 11 or boom map u choose, anyway they are also picking viks on arab.

did i say Vikings wasn’t a good civ? no. i said Aztecs were the best civ in the game.

New update just dropped and they stated that the November one is the bigger and massive.

Defineatly not AOE3 DE lunch celebration event.

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at this point just any balance changes. they haven’t had those in months.

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Vikings are still pretty bad on closed maps. Like you have one of the best economy in the game, but you have pretty bad lategame army and no counter against siege civs. The fast Arb+Ram is easily counterable by Onagers. I agree with that Vikings are top tier on water, arabia and hybrid maps where the water is important.

Aztecs are just a closed map TG civ, on open maps they’re trash. They have no army for open maps, but they can make Siege and Monks on closed maps, but Celts, Ethiopians etc… can make better Siege, Burmese and Portuguese have better Monk+Treb.

Zeker kills paladins, so they aren’t that bad for late game, unless you are talking of team games with trade, then under those settings their units are weak and below the average.

But in 1x1 any boom map, they will reach imperial faster and stronger, they can now chop the forest and send early champ/pikes o arbalest.

They are #1 in random maps, given that their apparently weakness only is noticeable in late team games, but they are solid at arabia or open maps, water maps, hybrid maps, boom maps, aztks are meh outside arena and arabia.

Are you implying that people who dont comply with the arguably elitist requirements you posted but might love the game should not be listened? Just wow…

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