Fishing ship pathing issue

Hello, everyone. First post here so bear with me if the formatting is not optimal

  1. Include the game version number: 23987
  2. Explain the problem: In mission ‘Claiming Territory’ of the ‘Glory of Greece’ campaign, I built a dock on one side of the small river and some fishing ships there. After a while, I built another dock in the closest river to the right. These rivers are separated by a small piece of land between them. Once the second dock was built, the fishing ships started idling trying to reach the dock that was on the other river.
  3. Provide reproduction steps: Build a dock far to the left on the river close to where you spawn, build a fishing ship and deplete the closest fish from the left. Then, build another dock on the river to the right and send the fishing ship on the left river to fish the remaining fish spot (which will be to the right).
  4. Include an image:

P.S.: Unfortunately, you can’t see in the image, but the other dock is far to the left of the river where the two fishing ships are idling.



If you would check the range of the right dock before placing it you could overcome this problem. But I agree this could be done better. Like limiting the effective range to closest nearby land mass.

Actually you could (and should) put a storage pit there and use some villagers to fish.