Villagers prefer nearby obstructed buildings instead those further away, but free

Game version:

  • Build: 38862
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating system: Windows 10


Villagers prefer closer and enclosed buildings to deposit their gathered resources instead of buildings that are free, but further away.

Reproduction steps (“steroids” cheat recommended):

  1. Find any resource to be gathered, such as trees, gold mines, stone mines or huntable animals.
  2. Construct a building near a source to deposit the gathered resources there.
  3. Surround that building with walls.
  4. Create another building that serves the same function, further away, but not too far from the building mentioned in step 1.
  5. Order villagers to gather resources from the source mentioned in step 1.


Food Gold Stone Wood



Known problem. This is an inherent limitation of the pathfinding system, happens in AOE2:DE as well.


Game Version:

  • Build: 38862
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: Al Qaex


This almost costed me a game yesterday. I was unable to get my lumberjacks to drop their wood in the closest ACCESSIBLE storage pit. They would think they can cross forest to drop in the other storage pit.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Open Scenario Editor
  2. Set something like in the picture.
  3. Send your 4 villagers to chop a tree that split both camps.
  4. Send the other 3 villagers to chop a tree that split both camps.
  5. The 4 villagers will be trying to drop the wood in the storage pit that is unacessible, so they will get stuck and no longer move.


I reproduced the scene on editor, and the problem occured again :


That’s not really a bug. For the villagers this storage is the closest and they are so stupid and try with all their might to get there. It’s more of a pathfinding or mechanical problem.

Many greetings.

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Saying it isn’t a bug because the villagers are stupid, is just a lazy way of saying " we dont wanna code this correctly" ?


Just saw this happening yesterday. Woodcutters doing a vast U-turn around a dense forest instead of turning to the less obstructed storage pit. It’s just a symptom of the messed up pathfinding, who some people claim that’s the original experience and a charm.

Yeah, we all feel very nostalgic seeing our villies losing the economic war for no reason and our army getting stuck on itself.


Thanks for the report AlQaex!
This is being tracked.


This issue persists in build 46777: