French translation issues

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • GAME BUILD #: 42848 to present
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

There are numerous French translation issues.

  1. On the loading screen for a match, in the civ tips: Each tip header reads [Civilization] Tip: […]. The first two words end up in the wrong order in French: “Celtes Astuce” and so on for the other civs. Solution: Make the whole header a translation item so you can translate by language. In French it should be: “Astuce pour les Celtes”

  2. All villagers are referred to by their masculine job titles. Solution: If male and female villagers are different units, it should be possible to differentiate them. Villageois / Villageoise ; Bûcheron / Bûcheronne ; etc.

  3. The Spanish tech tree reads “améliorations de la forge gratuites”, which means that blacksmith technologies are 100% free. Solution: It should say “améliorations de la forge ne coûtent pas d’or”, which means that they don’t cost any gold.

  4. After sending an invitation to join a party in ranked, the button to retract it reads “se rétracter”, which means “recant”. Solution: The button should read “annuler”, which means “cancel”.

  5. The hotkey group translated “parcourir les commandes” means “go through the commands”. Solution: The group should be translated “commandes de sélection”, which means “selection commands”.

  6. Both watch tower and town watch are translated “tour de guet”. This also results in the Byzantine tech tree being ambiguous: “tour de guet gratuite” (which is free, watch towers or town watch?). Solution: The town watch tech should be called “gardiens” (watchmen) or “veilleurs de nuit” (night watchmen) and the same phrase used in the Byzantine tech tree.

  7. Individual sheep units are called “Moutons” which means plural sheep. Solution: The unit should be called “Mouton”.

  8. When you are in a group in the ranked matchmaking lobby, and you accept an invitation, the prompt says: “Voulez-vous vraiment quitter?” which means “Do you really want to quit?” Solution: The prompt should read: “Voulez-vous vraiment quitter votre groupe actuel?” which means “Do you really want to quit your current group?”

  9. When you send an invitation to an offline player, and hover over ‘Renvoyer’, the tooltip says: “Le joueur est horsligne.” This last is not a word in French.Solution: Add a space: “hors ligne”.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Go to the relevant part of the game described above.
  2. Read the text.

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

The text is translated correctly.

:arrow_forward: IMAGE


:arrow_forward: GAME FILES (SAVE / RECORDING)


  1. In the recorded games menu, there’s a button labelled “Visionnement partie solo”. This makes no sense. It should say “Visionnement des parties 1 c. 1”

  2. When watching a recorded game, one of the menu items is “Retour aux visionnement”. This should say “Retour aux visionnements”.

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Hello, all of the previous is still absolutely relevant, and the developers really could address this. I am adding a screenshot to illustrate at the same time the Spanish blacksmith bonus problem and 1.

I use Windows 11, Steam and the current build #61321.

    1. The crossbowman and arbalester units names don’t make sense, including with respect to the displayed information in the Tech tree. Previous to DE, they were (resp.) “fantassin à arc” and “arbalétrier”. Now, depending on where you look, the former is either the same, or “arbalétrier” (so crossbowmen have the former arbalester name), and the latter is consistently “fantassin à arc lourd” - “heavy bow foot soldier” broadly. So not only is the tech tree inconsistent, but also these don’t make sense. “Fantassin à arc” has always been a bad name for crossbowmen, but renaming arbalesters using the same pattern is even worse.
      Solution: (i) make the tech tree self-consistent, and (ii) rename them respectively “Arbalétrier”, and “Arbalétrier à cranequin” or “Arbalétrier lourd”. The former is the specific mechanism “arbalests” use which “crossbows” don’t, but this difference does not exist in French.

    1. Camel riders, and heavy camel riders are in French still called “camel” and “heavy camel” (“chameau” and “chameau lourd”).
      Solution: Rename the units “Chamelier” and “Chamelier lourd”
    1. Bloodlines is in French since AoC translated literally by “Lignes de sang”, meaning “lines of blood”. This has never made sense.
      Solution: change it to “Pur-sang”, or “Chevaux de race”.
    1. The new name of the Hindustanis’ UT “Grand Trunk Road” is the same in French: it is displayed in English. Of course, in the context of Middle Ages game, this does not make sense, especially as this road has names in French.
      Solution: rename it to “Uttarapatha” (but this does not show the Hindustanis’ influence), or “Grande Marche” (the French name of the road, as constituted by the Moghols).
    1. There are countless campaign translation issues. To name two: (i) In Lê Loi 2, the objectives are displayed in English. (ii) In Barbarossa 3, both Yellow and Green are called “Crémone”. Green should be “Crema”.
    1. At last, while I think the game continues spoiling us all with great DLC, etc., I regret the voice acting in the campaign is cartoonish and sometimes terribly bad. It breaks all the historical experience. This is still true in new DLC such as Dawn of the Dukes with characters such as Jan Zizka.

Unrelatedly, I think it would be fantastic if we could access the full Tech tree of all civilisations as displayed in game, with all game languages, on the AoE site.

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    1. Cuman bonuses (in the Tech tree): (a) extra forum in Feudal bonus is formulated as a relicate of the beta, saying they can build additional TCs: “Des forums supplémentqires …”. It should say “Un forum supplémentaire peut être construit à l’âge féodal”. And (b) the team bonus read “PV des palissades +33PV”, meaning “HP of palissades +33HP”. It should be “Palissades +33% PV”.
    1. Bulgarians (Tech tree): there is a random “c” in the team bonus, to delete.
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    1. Detailing everything wrong with the French version of the campaigns would take hours, but an instance: in Alaric 4, the audio for the dialogues of characters are all wrongly assigned - to the point I wonder if it was done randomly. The final one is even in English.
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Hey guys,

Thanks for the reports! I have made tickets on these issues :slight_smile:


Another: The text for taunt 21 reads “joile” instead of “jolie”.

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French and Spanish localizations are faulty. What do our friends from the rest of the world can say about their localizations?

We should also talk about the Ping / X shortcut, called Flare in English.
In French, it’s translated as " Flammes " which means… Flames… Without any meaning in FR for the requested action :slight_smile:

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The new mods in the game, “Small trees” and “Idle villagers pointers” are not translated, but are purely and simply in the game in English. It should be (resp.) ####### arbres" and “Marqueur pour villageois inactifs” or something like that.

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Yup. I would probably go for verbs. Something like Miniaturiser les arbres, Marquer les villageois inactifs (or Marquer les unités économiques inactives)…

P.S. Just notice that “man at arms” is translated “men at arms” : hommes d’armes. Should be homme d’armes.


Another. When you hover over the ‘Invite’ button in the ranked lobby, it says:

“Inviter d’autres joueurs pour jouer avec ou contre eux.”

“Invite other players to play with or against them.”

In the ranked lobby this makes no sense. The button will invite a specific player and only to play with them. Should read:

“Inviter cette personne pour joueur avec elle.”

Or, more clumsily:

“Inviter ce joueur / cette joueuse pour joueur avec lui / elle.”

In Return of Rome, the Tech tree description of the Juggernaut is “Gros Poids lourd”, which literally means ‘big heavy weight’. This must be a joke and mot an oversight.

In Sargon 3, the ‘Scouts’ read “On racontent”, which is a spelling mistake.

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On the stats screen, “Relic Gold” is translated “Relique Or”, but should be “Or des reliques”.

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