Future of German speaking countries in the game (Poll)

Future of german speaking countries in the game
  • No changes needed. It’s good now.
  • Austria should be added. Germans still the same.
  • Austria should be added. Germans split to Prussia , Saxony , Bavaria etc.
  • Austria should be added. Germans renamed to Prussia
  • I don’t know what Devs should do in this matter

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You are missing the best and most obvious option:

PRUSSIA should be added and Germany renamed to Austria.

There are no Prussian references other than superficial things that don’t affect gameplay so the change would be trivial. But it’s very difficult to untangle Austria from the current Germans. Prussia also has way more potential to be a unique civ by using the state age up mechanic.

Your options are pretty much “leave Germans alone” versus a bunch of terrible options. I’d like to see Germans split eventually but I just don’t have an option to vote for in this poll. You’re not going to get any outcome other than an overwhelming “no” and making people more sick of talking about splitting Germany.


Frederick the Great is Germans leader now. You propose renamed Germans to Austria? Are You kidding…

Obviously the real answer is to add Neutral Moresnet as a playable civilization.


There are 3 uniquely Prussian references all which could be easily changed with zero impact to gameplay.

Berlin → Vienna
Frederick the Great → Maria Theresa
Needle Gunner → Schützen

Do that and Germany is Austria. Now you’re free to make Prussia as you like.

Trying to change it the other way round is pure stupidity.


I think the best way od dealing with this is thinking of the germans, not as a country but their people, just like the mexicans civ. Doing this would allow some mechanics from the american civs (México and USA), choosing different german states in order to advance through the ages. At the end one could choose between Austrians or Prussians as imperial age.
On the other hand I doubt the devs would change this civ, because it would be a lot of work worth a DLC, but they could not sell a change to a original civ of the game, only if they add another german civ, but as I already said I think there should be just one german´s civ. I apoligize if I wrote something wrong :slight_smile:


This was the case until USA and Mexico addition, reason that lead to discussion as they were represented by British and Spanish people respectively.

After recent changes to germans (and devs comment) there wont be any split, so stop claiming for one.

Stealth German split thread? :grin:

I jest. The future of German speaking countries in AoE3 is in the Devs’ hand (who else, surely?!) and they have already made it clear that’s it’s probably unlikely.

Don’t get me wrong though - Separate Prussia and Austria (even HRE still, as a broad catch all for the tiny German states) all would be wonderful, coming from someone who loved the Cossacks: European War games with pretty much all relevent Euro civs including Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony and Austria…


I’m just voting no because I’m tired of seeing proposals for this.


the only info we have ever gotten in regards to future content for AOE 3 is that there will be no German split. its literally the only thing we know for certain.


@M00Z1LLA couldn’t agree more with what you said. Was thinking the exact same when I first saw the poll.

First of all, not having Prussia and Austria has felt like a gapping hole in the design of this game right from day one. I’ve always found it hard to try and regurgitate the dev’s response of “the German civ is meant to be the Holy Roman Empire” to my history buff friends when trying to encouraging them to play the game.

I understand that we cannot loose all the content for the current German civ as that would upset a lot players, so as a form of compromise, I present this amended poll…

  • Keep German Civ as it is but change it’s name to Holy Roman Empire
  • Keep German Civ (HRE) and add both a separate Prussian Civ and Austrian Civ
  • Make the current German civ into Austria and add Prussia as a full new DCL
  • Be mean to the devs and get them to make Austria, Prussia, Saxony, and Bavaria all as new separate Civs (unlikely) :smiling_imp:
  • Keep German Civ (HRE) but add an Imperial Age Up option that allows you the play the rest of the game as Prussia or Austria both with new HC decks and reskinned/named units (same ish stats tho)

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As mention already, it seems unlikely that we will get any split to the German Civ. But would be interesting to see what you guys think.

its literally the only thing we know: NO


I’m quite Dyslexic :rofl:


In my opinion it depends on the number of civs this game will end up having. If only a small number civs will be added in the future, then I’d say no and focus on other regions instead. But if there still a large number of civs to be added, then of course.
Anyway, I think we should have at least 2 or 3 DLC outside Europe before even considering this.


You missed ‘do nothing’ which is also the most voted option up here

Also, i made a similar survey in reddit

And the option ‘no, other’ was the one that got the most votes, followed by ‘Germany now represents Prussia and Austria should be added’


I totally agree that not doing anything is the most popular idea, but I knew if I put it in the poll it would over shadow any of the rework ideas. I just wanted to see how pro change players would react to my proposed ideas.

Change can be scary and risky but is a necessity to allow for progress. I do agree that making forum post after forum post on the same topic can be a bit tedious but I don’t think the creative ideas of the community should be instantly shunned just because they discuss a controversial topic.

Most of what’s talked about on this forum will never be introduced by the devs but it’s the joy of coming up with new ideas of the game which keeps players coming back.


Tired of the argument.
Just make more campaigns and historical battles with custom altered German civs that fit the theme better.
Like having Austrians for the siege of Vienna. Prussians for Waterloo. Change some of the units and give them some unique cards like how every campaign civ is made Everyone will be happy.

The game has reached a stage (which it had reached several times for 17 years, sarcasm intended) that whenever you tweak anything MP related the MP people get unhapy.


Yes, more of this!

Campaigns, scenarios, whatever - just more unique single player things please


Please for the love of Buddha, leave them as they are. There are more diverse civs, urgent balance changes, single-player content, and a companion website (like the one Hellpunch and Dori made) that can be added instead.


You’re missing the correct option, as the majority of poll indicates, which is to do nothing.