Game civilitzations

i would say the quite opposite of that and say the recent civs are borrowing from aoe4 since don’t forget aoe4 have been in development since a long time and the (swedish,burgundians,sicilians.) are very recent like the swedish are around 15 Oct, 2020 while lord of the west civ are around 26 January, 2021


Russians in AoE3
Indians in AoE3


and the norse in age of mythology


Yup, I mostly play AOE2, so you guys will likely catch more than me. That’s a good point, though @Ziad5241 . I had forgotten how long AOE4 has been in development.

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More like they are borrowing and giving

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Do not discuss potential leaked content. If you share leaked content you may be removed from the insider program. Please continue speculating on the remaining four release civilizations to be announced for Age of Empires IV.


I don’t know why they not just tell us the Civs, I don’t like that, we waited alot and we deserve to know them.


Were you told the civs of Aoe3 before it came out?

While eight civilizations have been planned for launch, four of which have already been disclosed leaving the other four to be announced.

What are your speculations as to what they may be?


• Vikings (Must be!)

• Sarracens (Or other civ related to the medieval arab

• Spanish ( The leading power of that timeframe)

• Incas ( The devs mentioned them a Time ago)


You forgot about the Franks.

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Why must be?

I think Turks are more likely

Franks would be better due to English being in game, you can’t have only english or only french/franks




byzantines because they played a major role in that time period(or rome in general i guess since they were some interesting ideas of different playstyles that it can have)
turks or muslims since they were really important aswhell
vikings as a “barbarian” faction (though other civ can get this role aswhell and they can also be sea focused )
last but not least Incas or any other “War chiefs” civilitation


I would love to see Egyptian civilization

Campaign 1 - English and Franks
Campaign 2 - Spain and Aztecs (Or Inca/Mayan)
Campaign 3 - Mongol and Chinese
Campaign 4 - Delhi and Ottomans (Although I don´t know if there is any historical connection)


Hi, im new in forum. its my first day haha.

Well, my list is:

-Franks (France): 100 years war
-Vikings: campaing reveals this people
-Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine empire): most important empire in high meddle age
-Holy Roman Empire: well, germans. that way, we would have the trinity german-france-england

And packs in the future may be cultural packs (americas, more europeans, middle east, africans, etc)


I think Vikings have to be in the game. The Norman Campaign would not make any sense without the Vikings. As for the other three civilizations I don’t know but I believe they should be some of the ones mentioned in the discussion.

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I think they will first look at civilizations which had very distinctive cultural, scientific, or military features so they get ideas on how to make the gameplay when playing those civs unique. If we start from this i think there will be a civ with really strong water, meso civs are very distinct too and probably something like the ottoman empire which was really strong and maybe a unique mechanic linked to faith, religion.

So i would say :

  • Franks with an unknown features (maybe a white flag who knows)
  • Strong water civ - either vikings or portuguese
  • Incas with something linked to sacrifice maybe (sacrifice some to make others stronger)
  • Ottomans with buffs linked to religion
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I would love to see an African civ that is not DLC and that comes out at release. I think there’s so much unique potential for an African civ based on how much work the devs have put in to the unique traits of each civ. Also there must be a Mezo civ upon release. I would love to play my Mayans in the new game!


I think there won’t be any african and maybe no american civ on release. They will start with big names that more people know, and especially ones that can be mixed with each other in campaigns.
Franks are already confirmed, not officially but they appear in the tournament image where you can see blue player pikemen and swordsmen with the “fleur de lis” in their backs and shields respectively.

There is also a part where we can see what seem to be longboats, so norse might be also other civ.

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