Game Crashing (AltF4ing) itself without error codes

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  • GAME BUILD #: 75350 ######
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Game atl F4s itself without warning no error codes no warnings, can last between 5 to and hr without crashing, somtimes crashs sooner or anywhere in between

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  • 50% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. play a ranked match
  2. play a custom match EI: custom user generated map or a random Nomad/Bf/Anything match
  3. Main menu screan

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Not crashing

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Hello @KoreaTM
We’re already tracking this issue about crashing on the latest version. If would be really helpful to have your mdump files (if generated) so we can investigate the issue :slight_smile:
You can find these here: C:\Users\USER\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\logs
They look like:

Thanks for the report! :slight_smile:

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Hello I am experiencing the same issue. the game is unplayable for me since the last update and just keeps crashing mid game with no error code. im not using a vpn or anti virus and disabled mods and reinstalled the game but nothing works. my pc specs are a ryzen 9 3900x with a rtx 3090 and 32 gigs of ram.

below is the links to a couple of mdump files from 2 of my many crashes.


AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.08-16.39.16.mdmp (789.5 KB)
AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.08-17.43.22.mdmp (783.1 KB)

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i have alot more crash files if you want me to email it all

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Thanks for the files :slight_smile:

It’s enough with these 2. Thank you.

I have the same problem
GAME BUILD #: 75350 ######

AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.10-00.01.09.mdmp (414.0 KB
AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.09-23.26.56.mdmp (416.0 KB)

Please see these mdmp files with 2 consecutive crashes to desktop with a custom scenario that did not crash in the previous version.


when is this going to get fixed? I refuse to play a broken game

Thanks for the files :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t have that information :frowning:

It has been over a week since hordes of people started reporting crashes since the last update. The Devs have been able to replicate the issues, but there’s no transparency as to what the problem is / was, and when it will be fixed.

Over a week for a game to be completely unplayable in unacceptable.


Some more crash dump, with the
“XboxPlatform::SetPresence not successful: XboxLiveContext is null
presence data missing” error

AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.16-19.41.29.mdmp (781.0 KB)

Hello. I have the same problem since the last update.I have already written to support from a few days ago but there was no answer until today so i join this discussion.

The crashdumps are always created for the same reason:
A breakpoint was encountered.

I have already done all the troublershootings from microsoft several times, unfortunately without success.

The crashes are absolutely random and happen everywhere, even in the menu and narrative of the campaign.

It certainly can’t be due to my specifics either:
Intel I9-9900K
Windows 11 Pro

Here are a few more crashdumps. Unfortunately I would have some more:
Edit: I can’t upload because i am new user :grimacing:
“Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

I hope there is soon a solution.

Kind regards

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Just adding my +1 here. Same issue as luckY, game crashes randomly in the lobby, looking for games or even mid game if I ever get to that stage. I couldn’t play a single entire game for the past 2 weeks (since last update).
I can’t upload files too because I’m a new user. I’m 100% percent sure my computer satisfies the required specs to play the game, and I checked to have the latest drivers.

I really hope this gets fixed soon. @Felizon89 by any chance do you have any news on the topic?

Thanks for the help!

I wish I had @duraznito , but I don’t have that info :frowning: I know the team is working hard to fix all the issues reported. I’m sorry.

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Adding my +1 also - Happens for me on both my PC versions, on Games Pass and Steam, with and without mods. Happens so frequently the game has been unplayable for me. I’ve tried everything, including a total uninstall and re-install.

Thanks for all the hard work, looking forward to an update and being able to play the game again soon!

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Why not ask them for the info and relate it to us?

I also wonder why this is taking so long for such a well known and microsoft supported studio…