Game is a desaster, admit it please

I too want this game to succeed even if it’s very basic and ordinary. because if this game does well, AOM DE and AOM 2 can come soon. and possibly a good AOE 5 too. AOE4’s failure will affect all future games and we wouldn’t like it.


From my experience, first day numbers and f2p open beta numbers included here, are the highest the game will reach.

The game is going to be okay but definitely falls short.
You are just making excuses and hope that it is better.


Man exactly same happened to me, I used to play with my 2 brothers and best friend who are huge fans of the game.

They said exactly same, and unfortunately got bored to easily. The game inmersion fails so bad, the visuals should have the level of quality of the sound. They can still fix it and get FE putting their hands on it to enhance the visuals, IU and other stuff already mentioned multiple times.

But with each new stream I see I just get more and more concerned, they are not changing anything.


The bigger problem I see is Company of Heroes 3 will be released next year.
How are they supposed to handle AoE4 post launch support? If MS did not allow fixing the game prior to its release, why should it happen post launch? Can it even happen?

Considering AoE4 will tank, can Relic have there any other option than simply focus on a game, that decides their future?

If that’s so, why can’t we buy Deluxe Edition on those?

Its only available on steam.
This can only mean, they don’t consider the own store to be a reliable way to sell the game.

Point is, already for a strategy the interest is clearly low.

Therefore, it will also affect the most important number, the actual online population.
If already the launch number is low, clearly the retention number will be smaller.

What if it fast evaporates, like by AoE Online and DOW3?

I had hard time to admit that Empire Earth 3 is a disaster.
On the paper it sounded very awesome. And for a game made 2007 it still looked OK.

The history sadly shows otherwise.

I was somehow hopping that Empire Earth 3 and Red Alert 3 failures would prevent similar disaster to happen in the future, but still Dawn of War 3 did happen.

How is AoE4 any different?

A logical movement would have been in-time to make the right decisions and in case of mistakes try to fix them prior to release, instead we see that community feedback and historical evidence don’t affect game development.

And that’s where we will see, as usual that, that the game cant be saved in post launch support.


I would rather let it die so that new people and IP can fill the void. No need to have AOE in the name to get an AOE game ^^
Stronghold is another RTS for example that drags on indefinitely and just won’t die properly. Nothing gained from that for us players :roll_eyes:


So you may have to wait 10 or 20 years.After all, Aoe 3 was released in 2005. :upside_down_face:

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Yes, agree with that too. No need of mediocre games either. They probably will try for ancient setting again before closing this series. and you are right about stronghold. Firefly studio is still hoping for success but are lost somehow. :worried:


This is a toxic absurd message. The opinion of many other people is that the game is awesome. If it doesn’t meet your expectations is fine, but don’t call it a disaster and ask a delay in the release when other are wishing to play it. Play whatever game that meets your taste and let us enjoy.


So if you understand so well how to make a succesful RTS and you have so much knowledge about the problems of AOE4 and other similar games, why don’t you just make your own project and show us the result of your wisdom? It’s the toxic opinion of pedantic people that often kills these games.


From my experience, first day numbers of a open beta(multiplayer only) that was up for 1 weekend on steam(released 4 hours after MS store) ,are definitely not the highest the game reach .

So if anyone you are the one making excuses and it reeks of copium

Although I have so many complaints about this game, it isn’t a total disaster. It’s a definite downgrade from all recent previous AOE titles for sure. If this game had come soon after AOE III, I’d have hyped a lot over it.

But their biggest mistake was releasing AOE II DE and AOE III DE as hype for this. You don’t use diamonds to hype up charcoal.

The thought that I find this boring is because “I grew u” is such a dumb concept I can’t even begin with that one.

When I picked up AOE II DE, I was absolutely blown away with how amazing it looked. And then doing the campaigns with these new graphics was just insane. And just recently I realised I wasn’t playing with the free graphics cak download. So laying AOE II DE in 4K just made me aim all over again.

I bought the anthology ack and tried out the Japanese campaign in AOE III DE. Bloody amazing. The graphics were out of this world and for the first time ever I actually wanted to lay another game in AOE III.

Yet when I payed the closed beta, I got bored sooo fast. And same with open beta. I played 2 days, got bored and just focused on wololo tourney.

And all those who are saying if the wololo tourney wasn’t on, then everyone would be playing AOE IV open beta. Uhm, if you were in the AOE II community groups, majority of the people didn’t care about the Open beta. Even to AOE II layers were meh about it like Slam. Slam lost interest after the alpha.

Aussie Drongo just sounds like he is trying soooo hard to hype this game. Even if lag kills all his army, even if he factors all these bugs that he often swears his head off, he tries to stay positive. Same with Spirit of the Law. He says all his criticism in the most G rated way ever.

I really hope they bring modding very soon. Otherwise I might get bored before the good stuff starts rolling in.

I really hope they don’t launch the game and go quiet for a few months like they did with closed beta.

Aesthetics are a big factor for me to go wow in a game. And the plastic dolls and toys in AOE IV are anything but aesthetic


So don’t play it. Others will enjoy AOE4 instead.


You can say a lot about A_D, but “credibility” isn’t one of those things. He’s all hyped up for the potential money coming from AoE4 and that’s it.


Bingo. I don’t understand why anyone is surprised. Relic is doing what they have always done. I can only conclude that Microsoft was impressed with their previous work, such as DOW3, and wanted AOE4 to be like that. Why else would they hire them? They had Forgotten Empires, and yet they chose Relic instead. They were too forgettable I guess. If you ask me, they got what they asked for. I would be more surprised if Relic did something they never did in the past with AOE IV.

Of course no steamer or pro will get anywhere good by bad mouthing a new AOE IV game. How could they do that? They cannot afford to aggravate half of their fans. They want to keep their subscribers. Everyone will give positive comments about it and then quietly and diplomatically fade away back into AOE 2 and 3. Doing anything other than that would be shooting themselves in the foot. People like The Viper will play a few ‘show matches’ and then quietly go back to AOE2. You won’t see any AOE2 pros dropping AOE 2 and moving to AOE4. Unless the game radically changed. Same goes for AOE3. Why would anyone drop something good for something worse? It doesn’t make sense. I think the players will follow this lead as well and after the ‘new’ spike three months later people will go back to AOE3 and 2. At least I hope so, because I want opponents when I go online in those games and I won’t be owning AOE4.


Does that mean people don’t buy it on there? No. And it’s also a beta like I’ve said, that does not represent launch numbers. Just wait 18 days to make the arguement.

Only in your imagination dude.


I am as critical of AoE4 as the next guy but common… Relic created Homeworld, Dawn of War (1) and Company of Heroes (1), which are all deserving to be in a list of the top 10 (or maybe even top 5) RTS games of all times. Just because they had one or two duds it doesn’t make it unreasonable for MS to turn to them to create the next AoE.

At the end of the day AoE4 is co-developed by Relic and World’s Edge. I wouldn’t be so quick to throw the blame at Relic.

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Man, what a great quote. I completely felt that, I played al DE´s and you described it very well when I got to play AoE 4. You see love in those gems and in AoE 4 I just see an attempt?

But you can’t tell they did not have the necessary tools to make this game what we all wanted… They had dozens of well-argued feedbacks from more than a year ago, never saw so good and well fundament feedback and that incredible work done from the whole community to have in the game what we all want as a majority.

They also had Forgotten Empires right next to them to ask for feedback or enhance the very positive things and good job they have done already. They game have so much potential, just need to improve visuals, UI and a real asymmetry.

Its not that difficult to delay the release date to show to the community that they really care and listen to feedback. If they don’t do, then we should not act like fanatics buying an unfinished game. And lets just wait for FE new games, which should be AoM DE (and why not if AoE 4 in hands if Relic fails; AoM 2)

Everytime I see he makes a new video I just wonder if he´s receiving something for doing that… I mean I just don´t feel like he´s being honest at all. He probably got an opportunity to work with them once the game is finished, or I don´t know…


Aight guys calm down now.

That 3d brings problems into RTS and looks weird/unnatural at times is really really common for 3d games.

The main conclusion of tons of critizism here is:
Age4 needs a bit more time until release.

It needs some fine cut and a bit more content.
Right now it feels like a rushed big promotion for another windows service.
(AoE1:DE PTSD strikes again)


I just laugh how people here think it’s about normal for a game to last this long with so many viewership, and for people to play a new game and revert to the old ones. “Oh it’s ok, AOE IV won’t beat AOEII and will go along side.

Uh no… the fact that AOE IV wasn’t such a huge success means it will not create anywhere the type of legacy AOE II made and will be outshone by AOE II. The fact that a 20 year old game is still surviving, and if their tournaments have more viewership than AOE IV tournaments, that’s extra insult to injury.

How many games do you see where you release a new one and everyone reverts to the old one? Call of Duty? Sims? Bro, there maybe a niche pocket still playing the old games but majority shift to the new ones.

Yet everyone here is already admitting that AOE IV will not be that big of a success.

The media articles will exaggurated that even more and it will deter the new fan base. And then when the hype is done, AOE IV will just sink into the background.