Gargantua-themed mod. Help me figure out stuff?

Hello friends, I am making a mod about Gargantua and I would really love to share it with the world when it’s done. Meanwhile, I have trouble figuring out some details of AoE2DE modding.

My mod is heavily scenarized and some details of the rendering are spoiling my efforts.

  1. Can I add a briefing screen to my custom map?

  2. Are the only story display available through the Message panels? Where is the History panel ingame?

  3. Why is my Instruction panel back to default when in Campaign mode? How can I change it back to what I wrote?

  4. My mod is in French, like the holy sacred lenguage of Gargantua the good giant. Is it alright to submit it in French when it’s done, or must it be in English?

Thanks in advance

Maybe this topic will help you :slight_smile:

You can of course submit your mod in french, but if you would submit it in english, then you would get more players, because more people understand it :slight_smile:

Thanks you!

Yes, of course, but there is some kind of activism in making it into French too, since we make a lot of games straight up in English while we could just translate them in English. ^^

I seem to be unable to upload my mod. Am I the only one experiencing this trouble ? The button in the game is inactive and the website keeps rejecting my file.

I have no idea whether or not you’ll be able to read this, given that it’s been three years since this thread was last active. I’ve played your Gargantua-themed maps, and I have very much enjoyed them. I have some experience in modding and I would like to make custom civilizations (with their own custom bonuses, technologies and units) based on the book, that would be playable in your custom maps. Would you be interested in working with me?

Hello, Hi, Hello, yeah I don’t check there very often, sorry! I should activate mails. :frowning: I’m interested! Lets write somewhere else? leonard.bertos AROBASE