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Less trash than trusting people on this forum who are more driven by including their own nations than with actual culture and real life.

I haven’t felt that is most people here. Most seem more interested in history/ the game than their real life nationality, though it does seem to happen from time to time. But I don’t see how saying Denmark and Germany are different people when they were and are politically different from one another is just nationalism. They have never been the same state aside from some parts that fell under Danish control in the North.

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Not saying I disagree with your point. You seem more rational in your description,

We don’t speak the same language and we don’t have much shared history, but obviously different parts of Germany is more or less like Denmark, in northern Germany they are obviously closer to Denmark with more shared history like the hansa, pommerania, Slesvig-Holstein, Oldenburg etc.

But overall the Danes are closest to the swedes ethnically, its both eastern Nordic languages etc. and most likely the first “Danes” came from Halland and then conquered and assimilated into the rest of Denmark.

Culturally today however i would say the closest countries culturally to Denmark is Norway, The Netherlands and the England, a lot of focus on the maritime trade, a lot of similar history etc.


I think I have an idea for how Austria-Hungary could be represented. It has to do with the Hungarian Revolution. The Hungarian revolution is remade to be more Hungarian including the Revolutionary being renamed to Honvéd, freeing up Grenzers to be used elsewhere.
Secondly it is made German exclusive. Ottomans/Russians could get Bulgaria or Serbia as a new revolt. Or even Greece. Idk about Malta.

The first phase of the revolt is based on the 1848 revolt that shook Austria to its core.
There would be a second phase, not unlike the Napoleonic Era called Austria-Hungarian Empire or Compromise of 1867 that emulates Austria-Hungary and many refrence to the Hungarian crown lands specifically.

Aditionally maybe Romania could be replaced with a German Empire option, leaving Romania for russia and ottoman empires only.

Personnellement je pense que le meilleur moyen de représenter les différentes parties de l’Allemagne est de faire qu’il ai les mécanismes fédéraux des USA et Mexique.

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I agree, but it seems like that wont happen. Especially considering that Federal Civs will not have systems brought over to Europeans, sadly. India and Italy would’ve benefited from such a system as well, but I doubt we will see that system for them either.

Mercenaries/Outlaw units, royal house alliances/techs and card references are likely the best references for other German, Indian and Italian states. Jäger zu Pferde could be a mercenary from Baden or some other German state. Could be a mercenary uhlan, like the legacy Hackapell, a Schutzen from Mecklenburg, Anhalt or Nassau could be another mercenary unit refrence.

There was also my Hungarian revolution rework suggestion above, which I think would be cool to see, especially because its not a great revolution, in terms of power, flavor and historicity.

If Prussian-Austrian Dlc will be released Battle of Leuthen must be released as mission in Historical Battles. Also Battles of Rossbach , Kunersdorf, Sadowa , Hohenfriedberg , Prague 1757 and Zenta 1697 ( In this scenario as Austrians vs Ottoman Empire).

1 Like Another good material for historical battle mission ( Prussia vs Denmark)

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Maybe something from the thirty years war as well? White mountain, perhaps?

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Lutzen 1632 would be great :+1:

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Not 30 years war, but maybe the battle of Turckheim aswell, playing as Turenne against the prussians and HRE?

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Good idea. There’s many potential great battles to add as missions in Historical Battles mode.

From all around the world.

Completely agree. Especially considering the game under utilises the 16-17th centuries, which there are many interesting things to draw from. I don’t even see one reference to the Italian wars nor the French Wars of religion and like 1 or 2 refrences to the English Civil War.


Battle of Sedan - Wikipedia Also this battle should be playable as mission in possible Dlc.

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