Get rid of "L" shape when creating walls now!

What do you mean? How do they leak more than horizontal or vertical walls?

The flat edges, connected edge to edge, especially on even terrain, create a stronger less penetrable wall. I’ve used the point to point edges in diagonal walls, heard the warning horn and seen a cluster of AI units pushing through, not chopping down these tip to tip walls. And before you say the code is as impenetrable on a diagonal wall as a horizontal wall, my friends and I have all seen it happen, especially on uneven terrain. Each wall segment still requires the same amount of beatings to break but the leaking or squirting of a few troops prevents us from using diagonal walls unless going 2-4 rows deep.

Are you sure this is not something related to a hole in the wall?

If not, it would seem more like a bug (if I remember properly a previous update indeed generated similar issues, but was solved).
Could you try to reproduce it? If you see it again, you can open a bug topic describing it (use images-videos from a replay where this happens).


I’ll try but I heard that it’s darned impossible to get a good long diagonal wall without it going in to an “L”… :laughing: lol

Does that happen to you in single-player games vs. AI while not on a server, too? Would be interested to know if it is experienced or is as bad in single-player games, too

Last update introduced exactly those walls! :smiley:


Probably most excited about this change, big improvement in the diagonal direction. However kind of underwhelming without the abillity to change wall direction on scroll.

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The solution is actually better than what I suggested. Great job devs on fixing this! I’m glad I spoke up.

I just tested it.
It is indeed exactly what I suggested in the ‘Salamander algorithm’. :smiley:

As you mentioned, the only difference is that the choice between Solution 1 & 2 (see here for details) is automatically done by the game instead of the player.
After checking, it seems that this choice is performed so that the longest wall section is on the side of the wall starting tile.

But, I am still very happy to see it implemented in the game. Thank you to the developers and to all the positive inputs from you guys on the forum ! :blush:


Thank you for your work. This is a big change.


This change itself more than justifies the wait for the patch

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Congratulations :tada:

And they allowed shift-queuing walls too :confetti_ball:

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Couldn’t you do that already?

I remember you could

Details about this are available here.

Now I get it

WOW, this is mega huge


Walls could be built ever more effortlessly.
Wall designs were exquisite.
It was the dawn of a new age.
The world was now in… The Age of Salamanders!
                                – Inscription on stone tablet circa 537 AD

The salamander thing:copyright: roamed the Earth seeking the most efficient pathways for wall construction, devouring any inefficient ideas in its way; leaving perfectly formed walls in its wake.

You’ve been warned. Steer clear of the salamander thing:copyright: if inefficiency is your game.


I did not expect this :rofl:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Good one

But isn’t it :registered: ?

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I didn’t use :registered: or :tm: for fear such designations carried more weight with them and might be taken a little too seriously :wink: … even though it’s all in jest.

For example, didn’t want The Salamander King:tm: (or The Salamander Queen:tm: , if female) getting carried away and trying to make Microsoft license his or her creation; and didn’t want Microsoft worrying over a joke, hehe.

I’m no lawyer, but :registered: or :tm: seemed more serious and I didn’t want to cause a stir :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: You asked! My mind thinks of too many ‘what ifs’ sometimes, lol

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I’m glad the topic got the attention it needed by your repost, since I’ve posted it here in July aswell but during that time, other topics were more interesting I guess.
Even better it got improved eventually :slight_smile: