Get rid of "L" shape when creating walls now!

Thank you for your work. This is a big change.


This change itself more than justifies the wait for the patch

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Congratulations :tada:

And they allowed shift-queuing walls too :confetti_ball:

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Couldn’t you do that already?

I remember you could

Details about this are available here.

Now I get it

WOW, this is mega huge


Walls could be built ever more effortlessly.
Wall designs were exquisite.
It was the dawn of a new age.
The world was now in… The Age of Salamanders!
                                – Inscription on stone tablet circa 537 AD

The salamander thing:copyright: roamed the Earth seeking the most efficient pathways for wall construction, devouring any inefficient ideas in its way; leaving perfectly formed walls in its wake.

You’ve been warned. Steer clear of the salamander thing:copyright: if inefficiency is your game.


I did not expect this :rofl:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Good one

But isn’t it :registered: ?

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I didn’t use :registered: or :tm: for fear such designations carried more weight with them and might be taken a little too seriously :wink: … even though it’s all in jest.

For example, didn’t want The Salamander King:tm: (or The Salamander Queen:tm: , if female) getting carried away and trying to make Microsoft license his or her creation; and didn’t want Microsoft worrying over a joke, hehe.

I’m no lawyer, but :registered: or :tm: seemed more serious and I didn’t want to cause a stir :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: You asked! My mind thinks of too many ‘what ifs’ sometimes, lol

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I’m glad the topic got the attention it needed by your repost, since I’ve posted it here in July aswell but during that time, other topics were more interesting I guess.
Even better it got improved eventually :slight_smile: