Give Camel Scout to Saracen and Berber

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I think it will make for interesting play and make camel scouts appear more frequently.

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Like mesos with the eagle scout, your suggestion make sense with the camel scout to civs like Berbers, Hindustanis and Saracens; however, Berbers and Hindustanis for example are the last civs that need a buff, actually both of them need a nerf. For Saracens this could fit them but they shouldn’t be able to make camel scout in stable like Gurjaras but just having a starting camel scout, that’s it. So in the end I would like to tell you yes but actually no :slight_smile:

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not a bad idea, more diverse


No. This could cause wild balance issues.

As a Berbers picker I would flavor wise probably accept the camel scout as a substitute for the genitour, if the “take genitour from Berbers” people ever got their way.

That said, Berbers are if anything on the strong side right now, juuuuust short of being on most peoples’ nerf list. They’re great in early castle age with the cheap knight and camel spam, and they’re great into post imp with the camel archers. Giving them anything that could improve their scout rush (mix in one or two camel scouts if the opponent has their own scouts) or their big early castle age push (by producing camels on the way up) is very risky and could push the Berbers into OP territory.


How much balance issue? It only makes one more option in feudal age.

Berbers are strong in late game and this does not buff anything in late game. BTW you didn’t vote.

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Hindustanis not getting camel scout is fine as they migrated from Central Asia. Only later did they settle in North India.

Diversity is what we need in this game. The old civs can use some work to make them fun.

I so wish the Huns get a change of building style to use the post conqueror dlc styles like Slavic or Steppe style. The Spanish got their correction.

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This buffs both their early castle age push and their main weakness, the early game.

Yeah, I know. Is that mandatory? I sometimes prefer to just state my opinion rather than vote and lose the nuances.

I’m also just not the biggest fan of always taking whatever cool new tool one of the civs just got and immediately pushing for it to become generic or regional or shared, making every civ more complex and less unique.


I think it could work on Saracens, definitely not Hindus

Big maybe on Berbers, since it clashes with their eco advantage (you can make em earlier but more expensive and hurt your up time, further delaying your primary eco)

Could work on stuff like Persians, turks and especially Ethiopians as well.


May we make the old civs more interesting without copying other civs’ stuff?


The Arabs love their horse racing. Don’t take that away from them.

Guess what? Srivamsha are the fastest horses in the game.

Give Shrivamsha to Saracens!



LoL :rofl:

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Arabian horses were known for their exceptional breeding. That does not mean that other civilizations did not gain access to them.

Berbers don’t need a buff, but i would hardly claim they are “the last civs that need a buff” (Gurjaras, Franks, Hindustanis, Mayans, Britons all far more fit that bill). and claiming they need a nerf is not true either.


Can I vote “maybe”?

It sound interesting, but I have no idea whether it’d actually be a good idea.


Didn’t vote because while I support the idea of giving camel scouts to more civs, the choice of only Saracens and Berbers being considered seems arbitrary and leaves out most of the civs that camel scout would be best suited for IMO.

I made a thread about a more general application of the unit to various civs:

My favored civs ATM to give this to are Cumans, Persians, Ethiopians and Saracens. Solid maybe for Turks and Malians, and leaning against it for Berbers and Byzantines, but don’t entirely disfavor it for them. Big no for Hindustanis - yes I suggested it in the OP, but it didn’t take much to convince me that was a bad idea for them.