Hard, Hardest and Extreme AI

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  • OS: Windows 10

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COMP STOMPS are no longer any fun! Hard/Hardest/Extreme comps all act the same and ALL glitch out in the industrial age or when they Revolt.

Games against this difficulty are so easy to win now in comparison to the difficulties of Hard/Expert AI in the original AoE3.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

Set up and play 3 different comp stomps against AI:

  1. Hard
  2. Hardest
  3. Extreme

You will notice very little to no difference in the difficulty gap. And once they reach the industrial age you’ll find they basically stop playing.

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Just reproduce the same AI of the old AOE3, it didn’t need to be changed…

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Ruins the game.

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I agree. Faced the same issue here. Hardest Spanish Ally revolted and stopped being useful - just kept units in the base and kept sending millions of cows from the HC, no focus on getting the citizens card whatsoever. Hardest Lakota AI still kept making units, but stopped attacking after reaching industrial.

The AI on higher difficulty is not very aggressive, which is a bit sad.

Yeah for sure they’re no where near the level of difficulty that they once were.

I miss being attacked relentlessly defending for your life, that’s a challenge.

Seconded, it annoys me when they just Revolt 3/4 of the time even if there’s like 20 mins of Treaty left and just sort of… stop playing.

AoE1 was infamous for this, but it’s over 20 years old so it can be excused, and DE doesn’t have that issue anymore. AoM EE, on the other hand, is still affected, but it was abandoned the day it released and the OG AoM was also affected so again, can be excused.

The old AoE 3 didn’t have that issue but then again, nobody ever Revolted back then 'cause it was so worthless, so it’s hard to say if this is a new bug, or if this is an old one and nobody ever noticed

Yup I agree the fact that I hate the previous version of the AOE3 was when AI’s get to the Fortress Age they were just producing only Falconets or in the Industral Age they were training Horse Artillery and I often play ottomans so It was kinda frustrating and difficult. New difficulty system is not too bad but like you said they stops sometime after in the game and not attacking you anymore with big forces.

Yeah, i made a post were i put the frequency of the issue at 50%, its 100% actually, it so frustrating. The old AI (original AoE III) gave me a hard time (in hardest difficulties), both in campaing and skirmishes. I don’t know what they actually did to screw the AI, they just needed to make the old AI work in the DE.

Yep it definitely happens every single comp stomp without any doubt.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen more posts about it to be honest.

A work around for me - albeit not a great one - is to not verse the European civs so they can’t revolt. I know that’s not the only issue with the AI but it helps even if its only small.

Just did a 3v3 verse the hardest difficulty, 1 AI acted like a real expert comp while the other 2 bugged out shortly after reaching industrial age. We versed all 3 Asian civs.

Yeah, European civilisations in particular tend to suffer from brain rot. Asian and Native civs are a bit better but the obnoxious amount of Hand Cannon the Chinese produce is on the verge of giving me an aneurysm…

Addendum, out of curiosity I configured a bunch of European civs on the post-Industrial Age setting and they performed a bit better, mostly spamming Heavy Cannons and Horse Artillery but I prefer Nomad for the most part.

Really, your AI makes it to Industial Age? My AI opponent resigns in Fortress when they lose all their villagers to my 10 pikes guarding nearby hunt.

Yeah in my most recent 3v3 AI, one sat in fortress age for an eternity until reaching industrial and bugging out anyway. Sigh…

Same problem here, they either just revolution at age 4 or just sit there and never attack. The AI in the original age 3 was much better.

So I just had a 3v3 on Orinoco on Extreme.

Had a Chinese and European ally whereas the opposing team consisted of the Aztecs, Japanese and Spanish.

Chinese were booming like crazy with up to 80 villagers on rice paddies alongside Porcelain Tower + Factory. They were completely flooding the map and constantly attacking.

The Europeans, as expected lost their power when they made it to the Industrial Age and do the inevitable revolt. (They also build Mills/Estates too late)

Aztecs and the Japanese handled themselves well with sufficient resources and power but in the end the Chinese horde just overpowered them.

I couldn’t be more disappointed with the way the AI was handled in this game. Was a total hype killer for me. Too many issues, too many inconsistencies.

  • Revolting needs to be removed - as no AI will ever be able to handle it properly.
  • The old aggressive attack and defense behaviours need to be restored.
  • Old gathering and base construction params needs to be restored (or merged with current).

If the Devs can mash together an AI that actually performs better than that of the previous AoE3 - while maintaining the legacy feeling and enjoyability - I’ll be over the moon. Right now, offline gameplay is dead to me.


Allied AI are utterly useless. they either camp out in their base or a random location.

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Yep agreed it definitely stings abit.

Hopefully they patch a fix in sooner rather than later!

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I’ve played nothing but ‘Hardest’ difficulty and can honestly say the AI is much better. Sometimes the European civs revolt and bug out but most of the time they make me fight tooth and nail and will keep pumping out units until I destroy them.

In your base or are most of your battles at their fort or base?

You’d be one of the very lucky few.

I was lucky enough to just play a 3v3 Extreme AI game that went for an hour and a half. The AI had ridiculous defensivr armies.

They only attacked once or twice at the start followed by my team sending relentless waves. They kept defending like the old Expert AI from the original.

Was nice to actually have it feel exactly like it use to. Unfortunately that’s the first game out of too many to count.

Biggest issue currently is they don’t launch attacks and constantly retreat/send armies back home for no reason. It’s all fine and well if they put up a good defense if your game somehow allows them that, but it makes for pretty stale gameplay having them camp at their fort or base the whole game, offering little to the game in aggression or allied support.

if you want a quick aggressive ai, ive uploaded a modified version on github and ingame mod manager till the devs fix it. it will kill you before ten minutes, build correct units and tc boom, and make competitive decks, but will still mostly try and revolt.

also wont build trade posts for some reason.