Has tower rush really been nerfed?-Poll

When the proposal was made, the battering ram cost 300 wood, the proposal is the same:

The battering ram will be played the same way the Abbasid civilization does, but with the exception of the Abbasid civilization, the battering ram will be available in the feudal era. The battering ram will initially cost 300 wood and less health, the siege engineering tech will return its cost to 250 wood and the battering ram’s health to 420 hp, the battering ram’s starting health and siege engineering tech cost will be left to the technical discretion of the developers.

But if the Tower rush, the Barabaca and the kremlin in the face is no longer a problem, we leave it as it is


  • I have already learned to deal with the Tower Rush
  • I still can’t deal with Tower Rush
  • I don’t want the Tower Rush in the game

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Tower rushing has been heavily nerfed. The build time and health change were both large nerfs to towers overall.

the survey is to determine if the majority of the ladder can deal with it, most are casual

The survey is only 8 people…you should do post the poll In steam forums as that the most reliable source you can get.

the survey is not closed, it will remain open

According to what I see on Reddit, I don’t think the tower rush will be mentioned again

Reddit is one thing, reality is another, reddit is a forum where you rarely see someone complaining about the game… There are numbers of people that bought the game at stopped playing, those are the ones should be asked if the no sense tower rushes should be allowed.


tower rushing is not a thing anymore jeez , i tried to expalin it you 6000 times , its not viable anymore lul , except with mongols and chinese maybe…

I don’t know if the 24,000 new players will dominate the towers or they will leave and we will stay with the 5,000 to 7,000 peaks from before, ah, but these ones are skillful against the tower rush

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If you say that the tower rush is hardly seen and you can destroy a tower with only villagers and scouts and you would not have to invest 300 in a battering ram, then why do not you allow low elo players to use the battering ram (without technology) since it requires less skill in the same way that the tower rush is a simple tactic.
The player boom for the free week dropped from 29 thousand to 17 thousand, I hope it does not continue to drop and we are left with the skilled players against the tower rush from before from 5 thousand to 7 thousand as a peak

people tend to forget textiles is actually a good technology to rush for towers , 9 scouts can outrun 1 tower , same with villagers …

What does this have to do with tower rushes?

Also rams are 250 wood not 300.

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He doesn’t even read the proposal

What does the inevitable player drop have to do with tower rushing?

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the rts genre is not popular because of its difficult learning curve, and part of it is the tower rush, things like that drive away casual new players
even people in this forum vote to completely eliminate the tower rush, what to say about new players

Tower rushing has already been mostly eliminated. You’re really grasping for straws if you’re trying to say tower rushing (especially after the nerfs) caused those people to stop playing. Those people stopped playing because the game was no longer free. It happens literally every time a game has a free weekend or event like that.

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the game was one of the best sellers on steam, if a 50% promotion has only given a peak of 17 thousand, do you consider that a success

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Tower rush hasnt been eliminated, but it’s much weaker than before and there is a lot more room for counterplay.

Often now when playing vs mongols for example, by the time they finish building their first tower most players can be already in age 2 and get the first archers before they even finish the second tower. At least that is my experience against mongol tr, it also takes less time to burn it which means you can launch a good counter attack before they gather resources to rush castle.

The one civ that I think still can struggle with tower rush is HRE, because its easy to take advantage of their passivness early on, even Rus takes advantage of it eith wooden fortress rush, and bbq rush is also a pain to deal with as hre.

If there is one thing that could be driving new players away that would be bbq rush. I certainly know quite a few people that quit the game because of that. Not that much of an issue on high level maybe, but at lower leagues its pretty much a grieving strategy, same applies to english villager/tower rush.

Nope, the game peak was 32k
People may tried for free on steam and then goes to subscribe gamepass to play there. With don’t know how many players are on gp but I guess they are atleast 50%/50%

Tower rush isn’t a problem anymore. If you lose against them you are play to passive. Better go play vs ai or coop…or 4vs4