Help please: It is possible to move ingame current resources-info?

Hi! I have a problem, my laptop-screen has unfortunately recieved a crack in the top left corner a few months ago. This means that I cannot see how much food I have while playing Aoe2, which makes playing the game impossible (I used to like playing 1v1 ranked). I haven’t played the game since this accident because of it, but now I start to miss the game too much. Is there a simple solution to this, is it possible to move current resources for instance to the top right of the screen? Or do I have to repair my laptop-screen to be able to play again…? Thankful for help!

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I know you can mod the game, but i have no knowledge about modding.

Maybe this is useful to you? Seems like the resources are moved down to the bottom in this mod.

Maybe there are other solutions too.


Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately I cannot make the suggested Mod work, I have tried a couple of times removing different mods. And modding myself isn´t really for me I´m afraid… If anyone knows of another Mod which could work, please tell me! :slight_smile:

Edit: Now it works somehow! Thank you! It will be wonderful to be able to play again! :slight_smile:

You can learn how to move resource information to where you want it to be


Wow, that was suprisingly easy! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Does anyone by chance know which json-file is used to move the Global Que-placement (where you can see the progress of all units and techs you are currently producing) on the screen as well? I have looked through lots of such files but I cannot seem to find this particular one… Sorry, I´m really unused to do this kind of things, so I try asking here as well.

Edit: Never mind, I found it. technologyprogresspanel.json it is.

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so I changed the numbers correctly in the json file but my panel wont move no matter what number I type. I even deleted it for practice and it changed nothing. help pls lol

The mod section is full of interface mods

If the way Nili describes in the video does not work for you, you might have got a mod that already alters the resource panel. That was the case for me, I’ve got Anne_HK’s resource panel installed.
You can go to the local files of the mod (Go into Age → Mods → Find Mod → Open Directory), open the resource_panel.json and alter that file. For getting a live preview of the changes in the game, you have to touch the original resource_panel.json file aswell (just save that file without changes after editing the mod’s file).

Just discovered the possibility of moving resource panel and map myself, I am not sure how this works, but the changes might be overwritten once Age or the Mod you installed is updated, so the way to keep the changes persistent might be to publish your own mod and subscribe to it.