Hindi UI Font is Terrible (Appreciable attempt though)

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  • BUILD #: v 100 12 02
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

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I really appreciate the Hindi UI , But the font is terrible the letters are too much spaced apart

A better Hindi Typeface and font MUST be used ! I really want to play this with Hindi UI please make it playable

It just need a font change ONLY!

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been several updates! this still was not considered! I hope this is really soon resolved

Even with patch 9476, its still illegible and not being addressed properly!

the font and typeface are still tooo inconsistent to be readable

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Yet another Update 13088 on aoe3 DE but Hindi has not been addressed yet! Others languages have been addressed already IMO @GMEvangelos

I do not think its possible to change the Font for only 1 language. Fonts are set in the UI file, tho it would be changed for ALL languages.

Devs should make different settings for every language but not using only one setting to fit all languages, for each language has its own writing habit.

Make Chinese which mentioned in the most recent update as an example, though both Japanese and Chinese use Chinese characters (in Japanese they called Kanji), same character could be wrote in totally different way in this two languages. To solve this problem, you can find that many fonts containing Chinese characters are provided with different versions for different regions. Like the NOTO series, Chinese characters are provided with 5 versions: China Mainland Standard (SC), China Taiwan Standard (TW), China Hong Kong Standard (HK), Japan Standard (JP) and Korean Standard (KR).

Devs should look into this problem carefully.

An example to show how one Chinese character is different in different region standards:

This character stands for “tea” and share one code in Unicode, so you need to use different fonts in order to show the differences and fit the habits of specific region.

Yes they could should have. But you know, its an old game with an old engine, and some stuff is simply NOT DOABLE with it :slight_smile:

Yes, I know its an old engine. But devs can add options to switch languages ingame, maybe can also add this.

There is a very very big difference between that files. What can be possible as soon as they fixed there modding ■■■■, to change the font yourself. But first they need to disable the " no mods allowed for MP" stuff

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That is called half baked ! they should’ve better known to set a decent font every langguage! U simply Can’t ignore the linguistics while the whole game is solely based on Distinct characters of Civilisations!

this is a BLUNDER! The fonts is making the words Senseless and MEANINGLESS Literally! just coz it dost process the font ! the letters are getting jumbled and not making sense!

A real example from the game Hindi UI is: “Options” (Vikalp) is written as “Otpions”(Valkip) and so on!!! its an actual disaster!!

they shouldn’t have given the language option at all instead, and if provided they should’ve provided the actual fonts for the respective languages!


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@GMEvangelos Been so many updates, but the hindi UI is still illegible ! if any langguage support needed Im happy to help and bring in some expertise if required! but please fix this issue.

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Still hoping this to be implemented

Been Ages.
Still hoping to be implemented.

Well , a font family change seems a extremely heavy change i guess

Hi @PratUshh!

Sorry for the delay. We already have a ticket for this issue :dancer:


probably given low priority because nobody uses it, except few people who use it for the vanity and not because they cant understand english. i tried this too but switched back to english as it was broken.

Finally after 1 .2 years i see this being addressed in patch 61213.

Still need finishing. its below production level quality though.

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Still not upto the mark :confused:


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Hi @PratUshh !

Thanks for pointing this out, I have updated the ticket with your pictures.

If you see another character with issues and you have time to share a picture that will be very appreciated.


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Sure , there are many :confused:

  1. The Hindi letters are taller, than usual English letters, hence we can see letter being chopped from the above, it can be seen everywhere.



  1. Colon " : " is a character in Hindi, hence in this case, the colon sticking to the end of the word is, changing the word itself. The colon and the word can use some space in between, so that it is clear, that the word and the colon are seprate.

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