How do you deposit relics in a religious bulding?

how do you deposit relics in a religious bulding ?

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Welcome. You have to right click the relic to pick it up and, in the same way, right click on the religious building to drop it off. Easy as that.

Thanks for the reply but that does not work. You cant right-click to drop it. If you press E it just sits there li It does not show up in the relic attach to the building either and you can’t see if it makes gold

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If so, there are 2 possibilities;

  1. You have reached the limit of the amount of relics that can be deposited in that building. Some buildings can store 4, some can store 3 and others can only store 1.


  1. That is a bug. Screenshot that issue or if possible record it and post it here under the tag - Age Of Empires 4 > Report a bug.

Hope that clears this issue.

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There’s a bug many of the times I couldnt place a relic inside a monastery at all.

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thanks, I’ll log it with the game I have never been able to get a single relic in a building

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I haven’t been able to place a relic inside a monastery or keep.

While there’s a UI button that tells you to left-click to target the building to place it in, the relic gets dropped right outside the building, and the bonus doesn’t take effect.

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I couldn’t drop a relic in a monastery in one of the campaign missions. I could in other missions, though.

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@Prosperow @JetDinosaur2039 @FeralKitty @IamDalv

This has been escalated. Please check the following

Monk can’t put relic into monastery after loading saving

Unable to deposit relics in a religious bulding Age of Empires 4

If same issue persists, please take a screenshot or record it and post it any of the mentioned threads.

Thank you.

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Thanks, @Vallabesh

FYI, I found a way to deposit the relic, by right-clicking on the monastery.

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Experiencing this issue throughout the English campaign. First the Siege of Rochester - I couldn’t put a single relic in a religious building… I had collected them all and just ended up dropping the around my religious building… Same thing happening now again in Second Battle of Lincoln… Any progress on the bug fix?