How is AoE1:DE doing?


Haven’t downloaded the game in a while.
Last year it was super broken in terms of pathfinding and crashes and fps level.
Did something changed so far?
Does the multiplayer work better than Rise of Rome now?


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The pathfinding has become a little bit better after the last patch.
I personally haven’t experienced any crashes or FPS drops yet. I can’t say anything about multiplayer either, since I haven’t played any multiplayer since the multiplayer problems started. :sweat_smile:

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There are other issues, but I think the ones above can be utmost annoying.

So where does the aoe1 community play? upatch hd on voobly or de on steam?

DE for 99% and a couple scheduled oldies on voobly. Steam or microsoft store doesn’t matter, there is crossplay.


DE has much better graphics & BGM & balance patches & some modern RTS game control / hotkey settings.
Personally, I prefer the old school SE

And armored ele animation glitch

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What would be “SE”? :eyes: