How many civs total and which? 😱

Africa has plenty of important civs worth adding lol

Qt least better than Mississippians


Well there is not much room left if they don’t start reusing bonuses (take one bonus from 4 separate civs for example) or introduce more β€˜stuff’ like upgrades/regional units/game mechanics. Things like this


I disagree with that.

I’d be happy to hear what you think

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Would giving you more civ designs be enough to convince you that we still can design civs without reusing stuff?

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Because it seems like people here dont believe what I say

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But I don’t care if some stuff is reused but still, shoot

This will take a while btw

Infantry and naval civilization
Newly built docks spawn a fishing ship
Spearmen cost no wood
Skirmishers cost no food
Buildings +2 line of sight
Team Bonus: Skirmishers +2 vs siege
Frontline Axeman (infantry)
Hit Points: 70 (80) Unit Cost: 65F 60G
Attack: 9 (11) ROF: 1.8
Armor: 5/1 (8/1) Range: 2
Upgrade: 1200F 800G Speed: 0.75
Kitara expansionism
<Militia moves 35% faster>
Cost: 400F 200W(although this is mostly to have
Canoe Warfare
< Fire ships deal blast damage>
Cost: 300F 300G

(This civ could have both as castle age techs tbh)

Missing techs:

  • Barracks: champion, halberdier, eagle scout
  • Archery range: cavalry archer, elephant archer, hand canoneer, parthian tactics
  • Stable: no stable
  • Blacksmith: cavalry armour, last archer armour
  • Siege workshop: siege ram, bombard cannon, siege elephant
  • Monastery: Fervor, attonoment, heresy, faith
  • University: Keep, fortified wall, bombard tower, archiytecture
Cavalry civilization
Recieve 150/300/450 gold at feudal/castle/imperial age
Scout cavalry, spearman and skirmisher upgrades half cost
Stable units +2 attack starting at castle age
Team Bonus: Units csn garrison at monasteries
Vlastela (cavalry)
Hit Points: 50 (60) Unit Cost: 60F 45G
Attack: 30 (40) ROF: 2
Armor: 3/3 (4/4) Range: 0
Upgrade: 900F 500G Speed: 1.4
Imperial Hussar
Hit Points: 90 Unit Cost: 80F
Attack: 7 ROF: 1.7
Armor: 0/2 Range: 0
Upgrade: 800F 700G Speed: 1.5
+ 12 vs monks
Pronijar cavalry(castle age)
<Cavalry archers +2/2 armour>
Cost: 200F 400G
Lazar mercenaries(imperial age)
<Infantry units +6 vs buildings and villagers>
Cost: 400F 300W

Missing techs:

  • Barracks: eagle scout
  • Archery range: arbalester, elephant archer
  • Stable: bloodlines, camel, battle elephant, steppe lancer
  • Blacksmith: /
  • Siege workshop: Siege ram, siege onager, siege elephant
  • Monastery: redemption, fervor
  • University: architecture, keep, bombard tower, heated shot, fortified wall
  • Economy: Cro rotation, two man saw
Defensive and gunpowder civilization
Fire ships cost 15% less
Spearman and skirmisher +25% hit points
Castle age is 33% cheaper
Fortifications fire 18% faster
Team Bonus: Repairers work 100% faster
Malassay (cavalry archer)
HP: 50 (55) Upgrade: 700F 750G
Unit Cost: 35W 75G ROF: 2
Attack: 6 (7) Range: 4
Armor: 0/3 Speed: 1.45
+3 (5) vs archers
Barawa Architecture
< Buildings regenerate>
Cost: 400W 100S
Red Sea Trade
<Gunpowder units +5 melee armour>
Cost: 650F 300G

Missing techs:

  • Barracks: eagles
  • Archery range: elephants
  • Stable: elephants, paladin, steppe lancers
  • Blacksmith: blast furnace
  • Siege workshop: siege ram, siege onager
  • University: treadmill crane
Cavalry and siege civilization
Villagers work 5% faster
Siege workshop cost -100 wood
Trebuchets are 25% cheaper
Team Bonus: Mill, mining camp and lumber camp +4 LoS
Hwacha (siege weapon)
Hit Points: 50 (60) Unit Cost: 150W 130G
Attack: 10 (12) ROF: 6
Armor: 1/3 (1/6) Range: 5 (6)
Upgrade: 1000W 500G Speed: 0.8
Fires 5 (6) projectiles Blast 0.5
Huihui Pao
<Mangonels, hwacha, scorpions and trebuchets track moving units>
Cost: 300F 400G
Guazi Ma
<Knights, camels and steppe lancers deal blast damage>
Cost: 900F 500G

Miising techs:

  • Barracks: halberdier, champion, supplies
  • Archery range: arbalester, thumb ring, eles
  • Stable: paladin, battle elephant
  • Blacksmith: last infantry armour
  • Siege workshop: onager
  • University: architecture, treadmill crane, heated shot
Cavalry and monk civilization
Villagers can garrison at economic buildings
Previous age tecnologies become 50% cheaper
Recieves +50 food, wood, gold and stone each age up
Knights and monaspa cost -5 gold for every captured relic
Monks +1 range
Team Bonus: Monks +3 monk armour, +2 LoS
Hit Points: 90 (130) Unit Cost: 50F 65G
Attack: 9 (11) ROF: 1.8
Armor: 1/2 (2/2) Range: 0
Upgrade: 1200F 800G Speed: 1.4
+5 (8) vs cavalry, +4 (6) vs camels
< Cavalry regenerates>
Cost: 400W 200S
<Monks +1 range>
Cost: 600F 200G

Missing techs:

  • Barracks: eagle scout, supplies
  • Archery range: arbs, thumb ring, elephants
  • Stable: camels, elephants, steppe lancer
  • Blacksmith: Bracer, ring archer armour
  • Siege workshop: siege ram, siege onager, heavy scorpion, eles
  • Monastery: /
  • University: treadmill crane
  • Economy: crop rotation

Also I have already shared a few others


I am curious about Ugandans. Who were they?

Why do Manchus have Camels?

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They were one of the tribes living around Lake Victoria in Africa iirc. Also iirc they had an empire some time before the AOE2 timeline whose collapse directly influenced the rise of the Axumite Empire (aka Ethiopia) sometime later. I only know a bit about them though, there are probably people who know more about the topic than me.


First bonus is too map dependent
Good for trash rush/defense, but could be too strong early on :thinking:

Does it do anything

35% seems like a lot

And ok bonus but again pretty map dependent.

Serbs look good, maybe create a Croatian list too.
No Imperial hussar but maybe another hussar bonus.

I have this idea - Garrisoned villagers (in monastery) increase/decrease x. Could be interesting. You can garrison vils to generate some sort of bonus? Dunno

Too strong?

Seems ok but you are missing a bonus description for castle

Useless bonuses apart from cheaper trebs and the Team bonus

Cool idea

Like that university tech for archers? nice


Looks good to me. Maybe monasteries can heal within 10 tiles :slight_smile:

Ugandans would be representing the diferent states of the Great Lakes region, like the Kitara empire and thr kingdom of Buganda.

And pretty sure the area Manchu inhabited had camels


And how would no further expansions rule out other DLCs with skins, tech tree overhauls or campaigns?

One cannot seriously call the amount of content AOE2 DE now has β€œmedium”.

I was responding to the sentiment that a few civs more then we have now was perfect, and more would be too much. Hence a medium-high amount of content, because the sentiment was that one shouldn’t want an actual very high amount of content.

What would the wonder be for Uganda?

It would probably be a reconstruction of an archeological site, but tbh no idea. I dont think Uganda are a necessary civ either

Im.not proposing Uganda for anew civ, just wanted to prove that you can still design a ton of civs.

I like that civi concept only issue would be the lack of contact with others for scenarios.


They interacted with Ethiopia and Im pretty sure they also interacted with the Swahili. Either way yeah its not great

I have given them a lot of fun stuff for a civ that doesnt have much priority


i still like it. looks great i hope they can use it for inspiration