[Hub] Civilization Concepts

In your case I would just assume you want your Venezia Design. :wink:
But I will just ask shortly before I start the poll everybody who has at least one Design that is elaborated enough which one he wants to have in the poll-

For the poll itself I havent decided yet, but I would probably just give 3-5 votes to each voter. So everybody can decide for how many civs he wants to vote. I think this way is for some reasons I don’t want to explicitly name here probably the best.

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Mmm ok. Yeah I would like to see how my design compete with the others, but mostly I’m curious about the other designs and see what people submit.

It would be interesting that each voter can evaluate the various categories, but probably that’s too complicated…

Agree. Would be quite interesting. But I think this is probably something for later votes. We can make a poll for each individual category then :wink:

(And no, I won’t make a poll for political incorrectness…)

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i just added Historical background, screenshots, and campaign ideas for my swiss concept. Pls mark them!

Link: New civ concept: The Swiss

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Seems fair, there is also always the possibility to add future poll later on…

I’ll then make a summary post of the latest design with pictures in the topic, so it’s easier to get every piece of information needed.


I have contacted all people I found subjectively eligible Civ concepts of via a message.
If someone thinks I forgot him/her concept please contact me per pm, not here.

If you don’t contact me until end of july I can’t put your civ concept in the poll starting on August 1st. And I don’t want to set up a new poll, so I ask for you to tell me now if you think I forgot you.

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I have done some civ concepts in one of my threads. i think that thread was called civ concepts

Can you link it, then I can insert it in the “multi civ proposals” department.

excellent thread, good job


Although that version of the civ is very outdated

Also I posted some civs here:

I have inserted them now. Sorry for the delay. I hope I cought the new civ concepts from the last 2 weeks.

I would appreciate if people either insert it on their own or at least send me a massage - that would make it way easier for me.

Hey where are the medals?, Poll finished long ago

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You say this and then you do exactly that.


Lots of concept out there. But devs would probably pick none of that. They want to make something original.


You’ve stated ‘Mapuche’ in the group ‘North America’ if you click on the link its ‘Mississishitpians’.

Not my thing to set up, you want @casusincorrabil to fix that.

Right below ‘Mapuche’ there is a ‘Mississishitpians’ civ that leads to the exact same topic about Mississishitpians.

Either a typo or you accidentaly used the same link for different civs.

You might consider scrolling down a bit :wink:

Seriously? And how this passed the censor? 11

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it’s double present in both groups. doesn’t the tribe only excist in south america?
oops autocorrect lmao sorry!

It’s one big post, just scroll down in that thread a bit.
It contains


All in one big post.

I just split them up cause all of them are as well elaborated as the other individual civ concepts.