How to change the tooltip position?

Hey guys,
does anyone know where i can change the position of the ingame tooltips? with modded UIs they overlap important things.
thanks in advance!

It might be impossible.


FeelsBadMan but thanks for the info so i can stop looking for it :smiley:

Maybe the upcoming patch will allow us to change it. Hope dies last. :smiley:

It can be moved. On reddit someone posted his new ui that puts the resources as a square to the bottom like in aoe 3. When I was looking from the code I noticed he also moved the tool tips slithly higher to make place.

It is absolutely doable.

Ckeck out

Dont remebe which file but there is one in this that no ui mod prevoulsy touched which is why I got curious.

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It does not move the tooltips, just double checked myself because it would be awesome if it was possible but it is not and that mod does not touch any files that have not also already been touched by other mods before.

i thought the changes in GameMsgPanel.json would have moved it up a bit. of course i guess i was wrong.