How to change the UI of a civilation?

How do we change the UI of a particular civ?
I mean this UI:

I looked into the json file but couldn’t figure it out. Can someone please guide which particular json file is responsible for changing this?

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I want to change the Indian UI from SEAS into ORIE along with the buildings to blend in with the ME Ship Sails, Shah King, Imperial Camel, Sultans Research and be more consistent rather than being a odd mix of stuff from different sets. I have changed everything but unable to figure out the UI, would be thankful for some guidance in how should I go about doing this?

hi, you would need to create a local mod where you replace the specific folders from panels directory. The whole folder path is showns in the screenshot:

As you can see there’s no division into individual civilizations. You have division into regional civs though. As an example meso would be Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, who would share the same UI style.


For the parts of the UI shown in your screenshot, the files to edit are commandpanel.json (left/middle), blankbottompanel.json (bottom bordure) and mappanel.json (minimap). In each of those files look for a section named “StateMaterials” near the beginning, these section have 9 or 18 states which you can simply rename to get a different UI per civ-category without having to copy/modify any of the actual asset files. Just keep in mind that UI mods require a restart of AOE2DE to be loaded correctly.


I am already aware of this method of swapping folder and file names but it changes the UI for all 4 civilizations to ORIE, i.e Indians + Khmer,Burmese,Malay. I just want to change only the indians from SEAS to ORIE, keeping the other 3 in their original state.

is it not possible to move just one civilization from one category to another, rather than changing the whole category?

Maybe as a data-mod but not by editing the .json files.

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data mod can change UI? how?

By changing the icon-set used by a civ is what I presume would cause the interface to pick a different skin. Have not tested that though, it’s just a blind guess.

icon set of indians is 7 and icon set of khmer-burmese-malay is 10, i tried changing the number but it didn’t work, no effect :confused:

@NekyChoi @cly0806 can you help me here?

Sorry I cannot help you,I am not good at it.But if you are a Chinese or a person who knows Chinese,please visit the website website to ask the question or add to the AOE2DE QQgroup 112822759 to ask what you want to ask ,maybe some pepole know about it.

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So is it one of the hard-coded things? Please can modding support for this be added?

How is a civilization’s interface linked to a particular regional group?

Did you ever manage to get this working in the end?