How to create a custom player colors mod?

I am sure it can’t be too difficult to do. How would one go about creating a custom players colors mod?

What I really want is a mod that has player 1 as bright red, player 2 as dark green, player 3 as bright blue, player 4 as dark orange, player 5 as bright yellow, player 6 as dark purple, player 7 as black and player 8 as white.

How would I go about creating such a mod?


This tool perhaps may help you.!/ColorPickerAoE///


Wow, interesting, I’ll check it out. Although, I do hope that I can actually get it to work if it is what I think it is!

Okay so I read that site but the problem is that I don’t know how to replace the 8 player colors. If I want to change what blue looks like do I change the pallete for all 8.pal files?

And what is the ‘brown’.pal file in that case? And where is the gaia one?

I am guessing I should create backups.

Or is each.pal file for a whole set of player colors rather than just for the one color? :thinking: Not sure how it works yet.

Yes, you have to do an edit to each player color.

There are some colorblind color setups to the game, so there is also some “extra” color schemes, such as brown, weird blues, etc.

That! or save the edits on a mod folder.

For Gaia I don’t know, sorry. You gotta dig after it.

I edited all 8 of the standard player colors and it now modifies all 8 different colors for me whichever of the 8 colors I pick … but my opponents still have the standard colors. So now what?

Sorry what you mean by your opponents still have their colors? Does it mean that when on a multiplayer game on the color you choose to play get edited while other colors remains default, or that you asked other players about their color setting and on their end they still had default color setting?

If the latter, remember that any modification that you do to your game will only affect >your< game client. To affect every player on a match you would need to set a lobby with a data mod that could do so.

I would like to see the traditional, less saturated player colors. If anyone is interested in making that mod :heart:

You can do it with the tool linked above, it’s faily easy. Give it a try!

Thanks, I would If I owned DE :joy: It just bothers me on twitch, so hopefully such a mod will catch on.

By “opponents still have their colors” I mean that my enemies and allies have the usual 8 colors and it is only my own colors that are customized. i.e. I can set color 8 to black and then choose color 8 and play as black … but if I play against an opponent who selects color 8 they still have the usual orange.

What I was wanting was all 8 colors to be modified regardless of if it is me, allies or enemies selectin those colors.

Like I said, the tool doesn’t seem easy at all for me as it only modifies my own player colors and my enemies and allies still look the same as always.

EDIT: I was wrong. It does work!

Why did I think it didn’t? I changed all the colors except one and then set the enemy AI to the one color I didn’t change, whoops. I’m really happy that it does work after all! Thank you so much! What a brilliant tool!

Only way it could be better is if there was also a way to change the mini-map colors, score colors, statistic colors, color select colors, etc.


More colour options should really be an official thing.


I up this post.
I’m slightly colorblind (protanomaly) and I have issues on players color green/yellow, blue/purple, and orange on grass map. So, classic colors are sometimes difficult, and the colorblind mode of AoE2 are too much corrective for me (aka the blue and green degraded are also hard to discern).

So I find the files to modify :
UIColors.json in “widgetui” file=> For the UI players colors and text
playercolor_***.pal in “palettes” file => For the units color in game

Here you can find the results :

But, as you can see, the icon player number don’t change in game, and in the game menu.
I found these files : player_xxx_xxx.png in “widgetui/textures/menu/icons” and “poststatistics_player_xxx_xxx” in “widgetui/textures/menu/timeline”
I have changed them but I doesn’t change in game menu and game.

What have to do to change the icons ?


PS : if you like the colors I made, feel free to ask me the files, or help me to create a mod ^^"


I like the colors you made. I wish we could just customize the colors in the game’s UI to what we want.

I’m not color-blind, but while playing Arabia, the enemy colored orange was very hard to see on the mini-map; and his advancement to my town took me by surprise. I know there are probably different coloring options I could choose on the mini-map (high contrast, colorblindness, etc.) or elsewhere, but I don’t want to do that. I’d just like to be able to make my own colors from an HSV/RGB color wheel… adding my own library of custom colors on top of the original colors that I can choose from when starting an unranked game. After all, I couldn’t really do much worse than current orange on Arabia map if the dev’s fear is that I would invent a color that somehow isn’t congruent with the game’s graphics.

Here are other areas you may want/need to change colors at? I’m not sure as I’m not an AoE modder:

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This mod might suit you


Editing UI colors seems relatively easily, but units palletes have dozens slightly different colors in it. How did you know how to tweak them and not ruin shadows and highlights on the units?

Great question. I’ve been trying to determine that as well

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I ended up using this tool:

works wonders

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Thanks for sharing! The page that has the utility doesn’t work for me, is it down?