How to stop the AI from resigning?

Sometimes I like to really thoroughly destroy the enemy base, and the few games I’ve played it seems like it resigns more easily than in HD. You used to be able to use the 100 command to turn off AI gg, but now 100 does a taunt command. Does anyone know how to turn off AI resignation?


The new taunt command for it can be found in the chat menu in-game. If you select the enemy AIs as eligible recipients of your chat messages and then send the desired taunt command to them (104, used to be 100 on HD) they will not resign.

I hope that helps, let us know if that works for you. :slight_smile:


I’ve tried 104 a few times with AoE2: DE and it never seems to work. I played “1 vs. 2 AI” today, for example, and chatted “104” to “Everyone” (via the trumpet icon), but one of the players still resigned 10-15 minutes after I had told him not to.

After that AI resigned, I manually selected (via the trumpet icon) just the remaining AI (rather than the “Everyone” radial option) and used “104” on him. He didn’t resign; but I don’t know if he didn’t resign because of random variation in the AI algorithm or because I manually selected him. Either way, I’ve manually selected them in the past, too, and they still resign. What is the secret to 100% success with this feature? (Screenshots of what you select in the pop-up that is accessed by way of the trumpet icon so I can see what radial options you’re selecting to transmit to enemies.)

I know for a fact tonight I went into “AI Commands” and said early on, “104: Don’t Resign” to everyone, yet both AI enemies still eventually resigned. Is this a known issue?


When the game was first released 104 seemed to work, but lately it seems the AI resigns even if I type 104 to all in chat


I 104 every game I play against AI and they resign every single time


I really hate the AI resigning in AoE2 DE but after seeing this post and others I changed the victory condition to conquest and taunted the AI with 104. That worked, I got to smash all the AI’s buildings for the first time. :smiley:

I am using AoE2 DE on Steam, version 101.101.43210.0.


Is command 104 only working for the DE AI or for the HD (or even the CD version) AI, too?
I’m asking for a friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

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AWESOME! Congrats!! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? I really wish you could default it to 104 in the lobby so you don’t have to remember to do the in-game gymnastics to try and make it happen. I’ve had a number of successful 104s since my last posts on this topic. I don’t know if the game is reliable with it 100% of the time, though

For HD, it’s different. I Googled to see it’s “100” to prevent resignation; and “101” to cancel that command. Someone named Tired_David in the Steam Community mentions that, and also links to this image: … as you need to select the Enemies as your chat target when doing the command.

Someone named Promiskuitiv on Reddit says, “(F)or the standard AI of the disc version of the game (or “Conquerors AI” on HD) there’s no such thing but it usually resigns late anyway.”

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Thank you very much for that information! Tested it these days and it worked (taunt 100 for the HD AI). :+1:

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HI gang. I’m having the same problem in DE. I have tried regicide, conquest and last man standing. With and without 104 don’t resign. The ai still resigns. It’s a bummer and a real pain to have to play and entire game to see if it works. Now I was late with the code on my first last man game, but It’s been resigning even after the code in regicide for several weeks. Regicide was my usual format just in order to avoid resignations. It was working fine for at least a year until recently. I don’t know what happened. Maybe something in the updates but it’s really different than what it was. Having to juggle the code as well as victory now complicates things. The only time I had trouble before was if a stray unit killed the king after destroying his castle and town center. But that was a simple victory NOT a resign message and resignation with king and villagers still alive. Any more info? I’ve tried settings in the messages, everyone - ai only and all that. I don’t understand why it’s happening. Last man standing still resigned with king and villagers alive. He even had donjons with Sicilians but no town center or castle.


I found a no ai resign mod here on the mods page. I will try that. Thanks.

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I can confirm it works well. Just select the Ai no resign v2 in the game setup for Ai player. On a fortress map and blasted down to zero. Ai king ran to his last tower. I maxed out all my research, built a town center in place of his old one to spite him (heehee) and then executed him by Genoese Crossbow squad. Also, he plead not to attack him because he was weak. Hadn’t seen that in a while. Also used the 104 code so that didn’t cancel anything either.

Hmm, I tried it a couple times with Byzantines and Spanish as AI. They seem a little too defensive after the first UU rush in castle. I usually go for relics and defend them as well as wall in. After the initial rush I try a castle drop and age up more slowly (including relic hunts and posting guards). I could see Cataphracts and Conquistadors standing ground at a distance but not attacking. I’m playing Italians both times and Really steam rolled the ai after the drop. It was more challenging before on stock AI but of course had the stupid resign bug even with 104 code. Was there an update this week? My PC took forever to boot after hanging up badly with 75 pop game (v spanish)

Glad to hear you found a ‘no resign’ mod and it works! Too bad if it alters the difficulty/abilities of the AI, though. If it makes them too easy, maybe try using the handicap feature in the lobby to artificially inflate their abilities? (I.e., Gives them quicker collection, research, build, etc. rates and stronger military, as I recall?)

Yeah, I see on Steam a 50MB update today for me on Steam. You probably already know this, but on Jan 31st, there was also a big patch. I had to go to Steam to find a link to this, as I don’t think the forum here was updated with a link to it:

I tried checking News & Announcements and other similar places in the forum, but don’t see a link to it like there normally is

And if 104 still doesn’t work 100% of the time in the base game, I hope it’s fixed someday :slight_smile:

Hey thanks Darkness,
I had a betted game on a coastal map vs Barbers and I forgot to type 104 or select the ai no resign at game setup. Went ok and had only the tc left when it resigned.

Played yesterday with CD ai and 75 pop. Byz v Italy. Ai rushed me with navy so I was hamstrung for a while. I did get more of the relics and fortified my harbor. Then a long slow battle of attrition with his mass of 23 Pikeman and Genoese crossbowman. With Greek Fire and imperial docks, I crushed his navy pretty quickly. Genoa was strong, but not as strong as Venice. :wink: Monks and galleys late helped too. CD AI resigned after tc market and last goldmine were destroyed. Balkans map. Second time in a row on random. Go figure?

Just checked MS store. Updates current as of 2/10 2/11.

104 Not working =(
A few weeks ago used to work just fine, now, even i send 104 to everyone or to enemies, they are still resingin =(
Any idea, patch or fix?


Did you do 104 via the specialized AI commands area? If not, you might give that a try:

You shouldn’t, technically, need to do that… but just thought I’d mention in case it happens to work