Hub for new civilisation concepts

I was currently looking for some civilisation concepts to be inspired for my first modding project.
But when looking at this forum I saw that it is really hard to find the threads.

As I always have the opinion: If something you wanna like to have isn’t there: DIY!

But first I want to ask how to set this up. I would first divide the civs in continental regions and then sort them alphabetically. Then I would add some Emojis to signalize what kind of content is already included in that Thread - I currently have 4:

:paintbrush: - The thread contains artwork
:open_book: - The thread contains historic background
:horse_racing: - The thread contains scenario/campaign ideas
:gear: - The thread contains civ design
:exclamation: - The political motive or historic accuracy is questioned, read with reasonable doubt

As additional information I will link the creator of the civ concept and the timeframe of the civ.

The local differencation I want to use:

Fertile Crescent ^
North America
South America

Out of timeframe (600-1600)

^ Fertile crescent refers to the region from the anatol to the Indus. All other names I found for this look kinda “political incorrect” to me. The region was for the most part a melting pot of a lot of different kinda separated regions like europe, east asia, africa, the steppe lands in central asia and ofc the arab peninsula. I’m looking for a better name, so if you have one please tell me.

Please give me any kind of feedback right now before I start trying to collect all the civ Ideas we already had.

I would like this topic to be pinned somewhere when it’s done, but I can understand that not anybody can just claim “pin this here!” just because it hits his personal preference what should be pinned and what not.
My explanation why I would like this to be pinned is cause civ concepts are something for eternity, they only get “old” once someone put them in the game. They are a great source of inspiration for all modders. So this thread could possibly be pinned in the modding department (?).

If it is for modding, then it should be moved to the modding section in my opinion.

I think it’s most interesting for modders, but I was always intersted in interesting civ designs even before I decided to start modding myself.
So I open the thread here and if the feedback is: It’s only for modders I’m fine if it’s moved there then.

You see this Thread:

Is one with the most posts in the forum, if not even the most. So I think there are a lot of people interested in civ design concepts.

Your history emoji should be :open_book: or one of the other book icons. I think you and @DynasticPlanet5 might be a good match for this.

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You cant edit the first post to link all the concepts so would this have any use?

You mean once it is pinned?
I could make a new thread and make the description in the first and the linking + hub in the second post.

The next question I have is what to do with threads that contain multiple civ concepts and “overlapping” civ concept threads about the same civ?
For the multiple civ concept threads I would probably make also a sub category “Multi-Civ concepts”, but if the individual civ designs proposed meet some kind of elaboration (which is subjective ofc, for transparency I would only link those which meet at least 50% of the positive emojis described above) I will also link them individually in the right places.
The overlapping concepts I currently have no other Idea but to link only the “main” thread of each individual autor.

Could make it a wiki to edit later, but you might need regular status to do that.

Shouldn’t that work? I’m confused, what is the problem?

Edit: otherwise if I link a thread in mine it will automatically have a backlink in the footer. If you speak about that. So there is no need to edit other peoples first post.