I can't play cooperative campaign

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  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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When I create a cooperative campaign and start the game, I will enter a random map and prompt ‘AI script error’.,

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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  1. Start game on steam
  2. Select co-op and host game
    3.Start game and error report

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I will play co-op with my friends

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Hi @PilotEel4199651 !

Can you tell us in which scenarios this happens?


just play co-op campaigns,every co-op campaigns.

For me it works perfectly, are you in the last version of the game? 58259

Of couse!The latest version of the game I updated yesterday.And i can still be played normally before the update.

Maybe u subscribed some AI mod. Try to unsubscribe it.

I’ve tryde to unsubscribe all mods.But the problem remains

Did you restart the game after unsubscribing?

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Of couse!Restart game each times.

I got the same problem on the latest patch on steam + W11.
My friend can launch the coop fine (Alaric tested yesterday), he is steam + W10.

But when I’m the host, I get the lobby, I launch the game… and after loading I don’t get AI error, but it’s a random map, with original “campagn” players names, and 2 of them resign instantly (first and second missions af Alaric).

Yes,so i wish they can update this error soon

Here is my problem with any coop campagn when i’m the host. My friend doesn’t get this problem when he launch and I’m the second.

Steam game verified, no problems founds. No unofficial mods, only 2 official mods checked (2 design change (TC and bombard)). Windows 11 built-in antivirus, no bugs in the previous version.

My partner gets this as well. He’ll host and as he starts loading, he’ll get an AI Script Error and we’re both taken to a random map instead.

However, if I host then we both load in fine and can play as intended.

This always happens if my partner hosts and afaik he doesn’t have any mods and such. We both play via Steam.

Same situation, I don’t know when it can be repaired!

I don’t know why my can play normally now, but I haven’t changed any settings. And my friend’s still can’t host the cooperation

Thanks everyone, we are now tracking this issue.

In the meantime I recommend you to verify your files (AoE, Properties, Local files) just to be sure that it is not related with your local files.

In update 58850, the issue is still here.
I verified my files with STEAM, it seems ok.

Logs if something is interesting (I don’t think, I can’t see the ai error on it)
2022.02.12-16.09.32.txt (13.4 KB)

Bug is still present in 59165… and my friend got the problem NOW ! He wasn’t before…
Steam file game verified : No problems found.

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2022.03.03-17.04.23.txt (1.6 MB)
Here is a log with “beta” log option enabled in steam. Just launching the game, create coop with one AI, start, get the bug, exit the game.

I don’t see any hints, maybe this “bug message” is not logged ?

OH, my steam directory is in D:, not C: if anything can help ^^

Other thing, here are the files created in C:/users/appdata/…/TEMP :

The 4 .per files are created when launching coop game.
The two “conquerors-snxxxx” files got the line “scenario resign FE.per2” written on them !
When quitting the folder is deleted.
I suppose the conquerors-scn is changing with the coop scenario selected.

I moved my “79846054…” number from C/users/me/games…, nothing changed, language change didn’t do anything either.

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Hi @Hortor !

Thanks for sharing with us your files and new info! I have added it to our internal ticket ^-^