I don't care about siege not having little men around

They are homing rock, it is normal that it evade ally units, just like the homing arrows.

But rams have dudes on the inside it wouldn’t make sense.

I think a lot of people seem to assume that operator animation and transport affect the micromanagement, readability, and cadence of siege weapons. Truth doesn’t interfere at all, if you look at the US gatling guns they have scary agility and rate of fire, and they do have siege operators.

If there is artillery in AOE-3 that is slow, it has nothing to do with the operators or the horse that pulls the cannon, it is due to the design of the unit. For example, AOE-2’s and AOE-4’s stone throwers take a long time to assemble, and also move slowly. The same goes for AOE-3 mortars, they take a while to position, are slow and have a low cadence of fire. It has nothing to do with the operators.


I can’t even understand why some people think that an extra human on the field is confusing. Particularly when its so clear that the guy is firing the mangonel or whatever.

This picture is from Rise of Nations.



It is not confusing, it never was, it just an excuse for the so called “clarity”, game will look tons better just by adding siege operators…


Those are small things that make a game better… I just can’t believe that Relic, the specialist in RTS
detailed graphics/mechanics did not add siege operators just because pros ask them not do do it lol…


Seriously? It’s because of the pros?



Of course, I wouldn’t have said it better…

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Yes, aoe 4 looks like a generic game…


Yes, and it’s a shame the truth, all for the happy competitive game…


We still want siege operators, they are fun to see and deserve a lovely place. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think its silly to be against something for the sake of it. It is fine if you care not for it, but that should mean you’re neutral–thus I don’t see why theres always this defensive backlash when people express that they want siege crews.

We’re not stealing content guys. It is a basic feature that AoE3 did, that CoH3 under relic is doing and that AoE4 absolutely should have. The reality is that it is straight up lazy that it is not in the game yet, and defending it might as well be kissing up to the people in charge making money as opposed to siding with any actual arguments.

There is no enlightening reason as to why it is lacking in the game. It is simple. AoE4 was simple contract work and Microsoft did not quality check enough. They skipped siege operators simply because they could.

And now we have people defending that decision, even thoough they themselves apparently “don’t care”.


Thanks for reviving this ancient thread.
I almost forgot where the “I do not care about it, but you cannot have it, but believe me I really don’t care” tradition on this forum originates from.


Post re abierto!
Disculpen las molestias.

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Yes, on top of that it takes you out of the immersion to see siege units moving alone, even though in defense of aoe 4, aoe online does the same…


I think it is just old people demanding to see nostalgia lol

Yes, do not go to take them out of their comfort zone, otherwise they will stretch…xd

I don’t think this is a Relic decision, AOE-4 is managed and overseen by World’s Edge Careers.