Idea about Madrasah unique technology (saracens)

rare? a little bit. i use them from time to time but the only person who frequently used them was equalizer (and parthnan), equalizer also loved to use 7/11/etc and the word bro. just like you. he also liked the word broken, just like you. you also agree with almost every balance suggestion he had, evidence stacks on evidence.

go ahead and show me all these people on the forums using the word “bro”

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It’s not highlighting in itself it’s that you use everything he did besides the bad attitude and word cry it’s very sus lol but of course if you really were him you’d probably drop the attitude anyway on a new account


No this is bad attitude! Why to tell people to cry?!

“yeah his ideas are interesting, no?” Most sus thing I’ve heard in a while :rofl:


Are they that bad? Why?

I found it funny actually was watching vipers stream maybe a week or two ago and saw equaliser spam the question in his chat every 5mins it went along the lines the of " hey viper do you think that the HCA upgrade is overpriced and needs a reduction?" Viper just shot him down instantly with an “absolutely not it is very strong” got a good laugh from that edit: btw his name was the same on twitch equaliser knew it was him


Interesting! So he got an answer! Well Viper think too Tatars need to lose their free thumb rings and keep saying Silk armor is sick and many other things so in the end he have his own ideas and people have their own ideas no? 2nd thing equalizee or whatever not the first one who commented in HCA upgrade, spirit of the law have a long menu about the worst upgrades in AOE2 and HCA was one of the worst by numbers, so Viper more accurate than numbers?!

Oh you mean the menu equalizer kept spamming on his last post?

You can’t make this stuff up lol much sus :rofl:

Did he? I wasn’t in this forum at that time; too bad I could agree with him.

Your just trolling again at this point


Equaliser used love a good troll TBF I actually find this situation hilarious

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No I am not, you people keep saying I am Equalizer rather than commenting about my topic and its idea for madrasah, I can report your replies as off topic replies.

Are you gonna report my grandfather too?

and we can report you for ban evasion.

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Also what do you think about the HCA upgrade?

So you want to start to troll and keep going off-topic?! I can report you, but I won’t because I don’t care, and I am new here so I don’t want to take any useless fights, I will be better than you and forgive you.

What about my grandfather, can’t you forgive him too? :frowning:


Yeah I forgive him too, but it seems he has a bad grandson.

Checkmate you just gave it up completely :joy: