Idea: automatic conversion toggle for priests

A button to toggle automatic conversion of nearby enemy units on/off seems dangerous at first glance, but could come in handy in particular situations, like when priests are very well protected and/or are with other priests around.

It’s going to be useful to have it disabled by default, by the way.

Why wouldn’t auto-conversions be dangerous/over-powered? There were posts in this thread over in AoE2:DE land which raised good points againts auto-conversion toggle, imo. Worth taking a look…

It has been a while since I played AoE1, but it seems like priests/monks there behaved pretty much like AoE2’s. And if that’s true, then I think auto-conversions would be quite overpowered


It would be a nice feature. Game breaking, but you can ofc always balance it out. But I’m not sure it’s needed.
AoE is an old game and probably should be left as it is- changes to farms, as small as they are in the grand scheme of things, were controversial already. Since we’re changing core things, first ought to be unit control. But at that point where is the line between improvements and making an overhaul mod for AoE2:DE?

It would be something to think about, but probably in AoE1 remake, or next AoE set in antiquity.

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Maybe, but… does not the AI do it almost constantly already?

I agree!! This was not really a “serious” suggestion/idea… I just wanted something new to talk about in the forums. Glad some people commented, since it is better that way, to promote criticism and multiple views on the same topic.

Possibly, but I’m not sure how many simultaneous APM the AI does for priests, or if they cheat to do what appears to you to be auto-conversions. (I say ‘to you’ because I really don’t have any recent firsthand personal experience on this for AoE1:DE, and it sounds like you think they do auto-conversions.)

At the same time, the AI needs to be able to be a challenge for humans and to keep up with them, and/or surpass their gameplay, and so there will probably be some elements that seem unreal or ‘auto’.

But until the AI can completely mimic human gameplay behavior through deep learning, I think it’s fairly reasonable to have the AI be a little more efficient than humans with priests and other things, as long as it doesn’t get too unrealistic or gives too much of an appearance of a robot playing

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I remember Unreal Tournament 99 having this “dynamic” AI which changed its difficulty depending on the player performance in the game. Would like such an option for more games, honestly. Specially the RTS ones.

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Oh, I didn’t know it did that. UT was a pretty cool game!

I don’t like it when racing games have the AI cars magically catch up to you when you should be way ahead… or slow down when you get too far behind. I don’t know if that’s what you mean you’d want with RTS, but I’d just prefer the AI just acting human and doing human things, and not evaluating everything possible at once and executing a thousand different commands at once in one micro-second.

More like having a forgiving AI when playing bad, and a competitive one when playing well. To imagine such dynamism in racing games is weird to me and I suggest NOT to include it there :grimacing:

Hmm, I think I prefer a static AI skill level per match. It would seem more human that way. If the AI were to ramp up their skill level to match how well I’m doing, it’d feel like an uphill battle to win in every match. If I go slow, they go slow. If I go fast, they go fast. Hard to explain, but it just would feel like you’re in a tug-of-war with someone of equal weight and strength. And any power moves you try to do just get equally countered, for all intents and purposes.

It’d feel a bit like Diablo and other games where you level up and get this super cool weapon, but then the enemy all the sudden is drastically improved on-the-fly and/or they throw a bunch more at you, so your fancy new weapon’s awesomeness is, essentially, negated and you never get to experience its true power or benefit

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It was really nice discussing with you, D. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Having an auto convert thing may be broken, but what I wonder is why not have an auto convert walk?
you cant “attack move” with monks, but if you have a normal unit and monks selected, they are allowed to “attack move”
which is interesting kind of fine because if you dont micro you transform an small amount of units instead.

Yeah, the problem is that certain units overwrite the buttons available for others. Villagers always seem to have priority over any other unit (monks, regular army, siege, etc.).