Ideas for campaigns?

Was wondering if anyone could share ideas here on possible topics for historical campaigns/scenarios that designers could make. Relatedly, could anyone share material on which we could use for basing our campaigns/scenarios on, including good storylines and themes and characters, even map/city design?

Any tips/ideas on Middle Eastern, African, Indian, Southeast Asian or Chinese campaigns?


Grunwald scenario or a full baltic crusade related campaign.







I want to do a Chinese campaign but the horrendous wooden Imperial Age buildings is so jarring. We need a remake of the Chinese build set badly.

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I love the asian buildings x] Both old and rajas.

The imperial age buildings look like Feudal buildings with thatch roofs.

Korean Campaigns would be nice regarding Goryeo (Unification of Three Kingdoms in Korea).

It already has the Kaesong campaign in Forgotten Empires.

Its been replaced by Lake Poyang I think.

It’s a mission, not a campaign.

The story about the general Gim Yu-sin may be a good idea about Korean campaign. He was an important leader in many wars like Battle of Hwangsanbeol and Battle of Baekgang.

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Maybe Turks could represent Uyghurs and Huns could represent Xiongnu, but Jurchen, Khitan and Tibetan should not be represented by Mongols, Chinese or Indians. Since those people who were important in the history of east Asia are not introduced into the game, it is really hard to made some campaigns about Tang and Song Dynasty.

For current civ:
Battle of Talas: Chinese and Saracens.
Battle of Ichi-no-Tani, Battle of Yashima and Battle of Dan-no-ura: Japanese.
Mongol invasions of Japan: Japanese who defend the wonder, Mongols who invade by Korean ships, Korean who are forced to make ships and Chinese who are forced to pay tribute to Mongols.

: Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

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The game is crying out for the Tibetans and a new build set for them. I want to make something on the mysterious Tanguts who are related to the Tibetans.

What should Tibetan UU be? I hope it is a Slinger Cavalry that is strong vs. camels, spearmen and skirmishers. Tibetan slinger is famous and really symbolic. Then, make it a cavalry and monk civ.

I think a Strong armoured cavalry unit, plus a fighting monk unit (can fight, convert but not heal) would be good.
Full monastery tech tree, weak infantry, strong archery range, weak navy, medium siege and no gunpowder of any kind. Towers up till Keep, Fortified Walls, Medium University, Good Trade Tech tree, poor farm bonus. Good Herding bonus.
Introduce Yak as a Herdable animal, Saiga Antelope or Wild ■■■ (Kiang, using same base model as Zebra) as an alternative to deer, Panda as a predator animal (Tibetan Empire also reached into Sichuan Province)
A garrison-able fortified monastery-fortress called a “Gompa” instead of a castle for the fighting monk and unique cavalry. A regular monastery for regular monks. A new monk graphic would also be needed for Tibetans and Mongols, who could share a building set.

A possible model for the Tibetan Cavalry unit is here.

As far as I know, Tibetan Buddhism seldom has the monk warriors. For similar conception, Chinese had Kong-fu masters and Japanese had Sōhei. For reflecting the monk civ, giving it some monk-related bonus is better in my opinion, such like monastery can supply 5 pop, monk regenerate faith faster or monastery and monk can be available since the dark age.

Armoured cavalry is not a bad idea but there are too many cavalry UU in the game, and their heavy cavalry troop had no special title and was less famous than Jurchen in the east Asia. Let them have full-upgraded Cavalier and Hussar could reflect that, those are already better than current 4 east Asian civ.

After I read many Chinese records, I found their slinger are symbolic and they had used it in Tibet-Tang war. For its cheap characteristic and the victory that Tibetan defeated Indians, Tibetan Slinger or Slinger cavalry may have attack bonus to camels and cost no gold.

Gompa is really good and I had similar idea too! May be an unique tech like Malay harbor, monastery can be upgraded to Gomba, increasing attack of Gomba and the castle by having relics, etc.

A Unique Monk unit is overdue since the Missionary. That’s why a unique monk was suggested. The monks could also be upgraded to a Lama which is monk in Imperial with higher HP. The thing is the Tibetans were famous for fighting the Turks, Arabs and Chinese with heavy cavalry. I wonder if a new skin could be given to them and other Eastern/Persians for their paladin and cavalier line. That could work in lieu of a UU. A fighting monk plus a Gompa could work. Tibetans had however good pikemen. They could get camels too. But infantry up to Longsword, and Archer up to Crossbow, with Elite Skirmisher. They would definitely benefit from an elevation fighting bonus even more than the Tatars!

If the monk UU is monastery unit, I may support it. But the monk warriors + monastery-fortress would be too strong,. In my opinion, I would like the monk warriors be in the scenario editor rather than in the normal game, especially Tibetans are famous by their monks, not monk warriors.

Krepost-like Gompa. The Tibetans could be given Halberdiers, elite skirmishers(normal), archers till crossbow(normal), Hussar(normal), Good Cavaliers+UU Heavy Cavalry, Heavy Camels, (normal, nothing special), no Steppe Lancers/Elephants. Monks full set+UU Monk, good market but poor mill. Herding Eco bonus. Uni and blacksmith need not be too strong. Onager, Heavy Scorpions, Capped Ram, no gunpowder of any kind. Weak Navy.

Never though there was a war between the Chinese and Saracens in history. All of your ideas are great!